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The Guru Briefing: Graeme Stewart, LogPoint UK & Ireland

In security, SIEM is sometimes hailed as a ‘holistic’ approach – while others look upon it as a box-ticking facet of security, there for compliance purposes rather than actually defending from and reacting to security incidents. With so much confusion over the issue, the Guru felt it was time to sit down with someone who knows the topics inside out ... Read More »

Cybersecurity as an IT problem is a thing of the past

Andy Thomas,
CSID Europe

The last quarter of 2015 witnessed a series of high profile data breaches which may prove to be a tipping point in public attitudes towards data security. The TalkTalk hack, in particular, defines the new risk normal for 21st century business. Estimates put the cost to the company at £60 million and between 100,000 and 250,000 lost customers[1]. By chance, ... Read More »

Blockchain and Risk

Mike Small,

A blockchain is a data structure, originally used by bitcoin, that maintains a growing list of transaction records in a way that is extremely resistant to tampering.  This technology is seen by many as the basis for creating distributed ledgers for a wide range of applications.  But what are the risks associated with the use of this technology? Distributed ledgers ... Read More »

NSFOCUS Continues EMEA Expansion with appointment of industry veteran

Aftab Afzal Will Oversee New Business Initiatives in Key Markets  NSFOCUS IB today announced that Aftab Afzal has joined the company as the new Senior VP and General Manager for the EMEA region. NSFOCUS was founded in 2000 to provide enterprise-level network security solutions and services primarily in the Asia/Pacific market. The new NSFOCUS International Business subsidiary brings advanced security ... Read More »

UK and European firms invest in data protection ahead of GDPR

Data loss prevention (DLP) is to be the top security initiative by UK firms in 2016, according to the latest annual TechTarget/Computer Weekly IT Spending Priorities survey. This shows a shift away from identity and access management (IAM), which was the top area of investment for firms in the UK and Europe in 2015, to focus more directly on data ... Read More »

Understanding Behavioural Biometrics

Keith Graham,
CTO, SecureAuth

It’s long been known that the password is a flawed method of authentication but our research has shown that 62% of businesses in the UK have no plans to stop using the password.  The simple fact is it’s a low cost and well-understood form of authentication but it doesn’t stop attackers who simply steal the credentials and use them to ... Read More »

Forget about antivirus and phishing – cybercrime has industrialised and we need a new approach to combat it

Andy Thomas,
Managing Director, Europe, CSID & Adam Tyler CIO CSID

Bernard Hogan-Howe’s comments are a recognition that things cannot continue as they are: banks are fighting an expensive, losing battle against cybercrime, and carrying the can for the overall slow response to the explosion in online fraud. Cybercrime has moved on, and while people do need to take more responsibility for their use of technology, his proposals aren’t the solution. ... Read More »

Survey shows lack of concern around cyber security from UK students

Students aren’t concerned about cyber security despite 77% seeing it as a growing threat. Only 17% of students are genuinely concerned by cyber security despite it affecting many of them, finds a new survey by Jisc, the digital services and solutions organisation for UK education and research. Students are unsurprisingly more worried about grades (90%), but are also more often ... Read More »

ESET Warns Against a Wave of Infected E-mails

ESET® warns users against an increased number of infected emails containing a malicious attachment, which downloads and installs ransomware onto an infected device. When opened, it encrypts victims‘ files on thier PCs and requires a ransom for decryption. ESET telemetry detects this malicious downloader as JS/TrojanDownloader.Nemucod and records its unusually high incidence in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan. Nemucod is ... Read More »

79% of organisations completely mystified by user identities

Capgemini and RSA have teamed up on research into the abilities of organisations in secureing online identities and the results are, well….not good. Actually, pretty bad. After surveying over 800 C-level staff in the US, UK, Germany, France, Benelux and the Nordics, it turns out only one in five (21%) organisations are equipped to securely manage user identities. There were some ... Read More »