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Creative Employment in Cyber Security

Creative Employment in Cyber Security

Webinar: Creative Employment in Cyber Security

Date: 5th October 2017

Time: 11:00am

Duration: 75 minutes

Speakers include: Shan Lee, Information Security Officer at TransferWise; James Hadley, Founder/CEO of Immersive Labs; Vicki Gavin from The Economist Group; Emily Swiatek of NAS


Throughout Security Serious Week this year, during the first week of October, it will be putting on webinars every day to tackle the theme of “Building Awareness and Bridging the Cyber-Skills Gap through Creativity and Diversity”.

With IT recruitment set to increase by the end of the year, there has never been a better time to be an IT professional. However, are employers and recruitment agencies doing enough to unearth the stars of tomorrow in the cyber security industry?

The fourth Security Serious webinar is Creative Employment in Cyber Security which will look at how employers are going about recruiting people creatively and what they’re doing to find the right talent and what incentives they’re putting in place to retain and grow their current staff.

The cyber security industry is at a critical point. Enterprises are seeking the ideal candidate, who has 5+ years’ experience with several certifications for an entry level position which is unrealistic. If recruiters were to do adopt a new mindset, which was more inclusive and mindful of other attributes that are needed to make a good security professional, it could be the first step in the right direction to improving the cyber gap. With an abundance of IT security talent waiting to break out, organisations need to be willing to mentor and nurture the talent which will act as an incentive to increase employee loyalty. This is the argument the panel of speakers will aim to discuss.

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About Security Serious

On the 2nd October, Security Serious Week begins and for five days will bring together some of the world’s leading infosecurity experts and major corporations to help businesses take security more seriously.

Throughout the week, there will be a host of virtual conferences and webinars for people to educate themselves on both the leading issues within cybersecurity today and how to become more security savvy to benefit not only you but the organisation you work for.



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