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We report on the latest Hacking News in the UK, US and the world. Follow IT Security Guru for regular news, updates and interviews in hacking from our team of editors. Read our latest articles relating to computer and cyber hacking from a team of IT security experts, including ethical hackers and penetration testing. For any queries relating to Hacking News, please contact our editorial team at [email protected]

Over 8000 VNC instances left exposed, researchers find

Researchers have discovered 8000 exposed Virtual Network Computing instances, which could put numerous global organisations at risk of remote compromise. As a matter of fact, the instances were managed by critical infrastructure (CNI) organisations, who are responsible for water treatment plants, manufacturing plants and research facilities. With disabled authentication, malicious actors have the ability to hijack certain endpoints and with it, the industrial control systems these may be connected to. This is because VNC is...

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Armis discloses critical vulnerability that allows remote takeover of Schneider Electric industrial controllers

Researchers at Armis, the unified asset visibility and security platform provider, have disclosed the discovery of an authentication bypass vulnerability in Schneider Electric’s Modicon programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that can lead to remote-code-execution (RCE). The vulnerability, dubbed Modipwn, allows for a complete takeover of impacted devices by leveraging the UMAS protocol, and impacts Modicon M340, M580 and other models from the Modicon series. Millions of devices use these PLCs and are now deemed to be at...

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Cerberus Christian Espinosa Book Review

Growing up was not easy for entrepreneur, Iron Man and author, Christian Espinosa. “I played football, but I was also smart, but I also liked heavy metal, so I felt out of place from each particular clique” Espinosa revealed reminiscing on his formative years. As a response to various socio-economic difficulties beyond control, Espinosa’s mindset changed dramatically as he threw himself at every challenge and character development opportunity, trying to be the best he could...

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Data Breach image

To lean on the cliché, these unprecedented times have brought about significant challenges for everyone. Practically every organisation, person and industry has been forced to make unexpected changes and significant sacrifices in a variety of different forms. The rush to equip organisations and employees with the tools needed to work from home has greatly exacerbated the already underlying condition of poor cybersecurity hygiene. While businesses and individuals were focused on staying safe and operational, cybercriminals...

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Credit card shopping online

Research has revealed that the likes of Costco, Walmart and The Home Depot are more at risk to web-based cyberattacks then compared to their EU counterparts, according to findings from Outpost24. In a year that saw a global pandemic leading to a 30% surge in online shopping and exponential growth in cybersecurity threats for enterprises, Outpost24 analysed the web application attack surface for 20 of the biggest retailers in Europe and the US to evaluate...

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DBIR 2020

by Eoin Keary, CEO and founder of Edgescan: For the third year running Edgescan contributed to the Verizon DBiR. The DBiR is recognized as the defacto cyber report which casts a wide net across all types of cyber security and breaches, this includes vulnerability management in both infrastructure and applications. Edgescan vulnerability data is curated and validated, sanitised and reflects tens of thousands of assessments we deliver globally across the full stack to our clients. As stated by...

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Phishing username and password

Cofence Phishing Defence Center have discovered yet the latest of cybercriminals' tricks: a phishing campaign that bypasses MFA. Different from other credential harvesting attacks, the scam attempts to trick users into granting permissions to an application that then proceeds to bypass multifactor authentication. Leveraging the OAuth2 framework and OpenID Connect protocol, this campaign's main goal is to steal user information to be used as leverage to extort a Bitcoin ransom. Here's cybersecurity experts' advice and...

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Angry employee

A brand-new Insider Threat Report authored by Shareth Ben, director of insider threat and cyber threat analytics at Securonix has found that employees deemed “flight risks” are linked to around 60% of the insider threat incidents detected. Ben explained in the report that flight risks are those employees about to terminate employment with the company for various reasons and can be determined by Securonix’s advanced user behaviour analytics. The Securonix Threat Research Team analysed hundreds...

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EasyJet Wing

By now I’m sure that you have heard about the easyJet data breach. More than 9 million customers suffered breached personally identifiable information (PII), and some 2,000 customers had their card details “viewed”. Hugo van den Toorn, manager of offensive security at Outpost 24 warned that "often after such a breach, information will be sold on to underground marketplaces, this kind of data is then often used in various attacks: Credit card details for making...

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In the span of a couple months, the world as we knew it was turned upside-down. As scientists across the globe conduct experiments in search of the COVID-19 vaccine, the labour market has found itself within its own experiment. That is, the experiment of remote working on a massive scale.   In an effort to slow down the spread of the virus, millions of employees around the world are being told to write their emails, compile their spreadsheets, and hold their meetings from the confines of their dining room...

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