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DTX Cyber Security Mini-Summit

The DTX Cyber Security Mini-Summit is a virtual event run by the team at Digital Transformation EXPO. Taking place on 25-26 November 2020, the event will help cyber leaders overcome the challenges of securing a hybrid workforce, connect with employees and resolve some of their daily headaches. Tune in to find out: How you can work closer with employees to...

Fake news, disinformation and cybersecurity

The spread of fake news and the rise of disinformation is plaguing the modern world by destroying the very fabric that is keeping our society safe and democracy standing. Separating fact from fiction has never been harder, and with the popularity of social media misleading information is spreading like wildfire. It is swaying elections, distorting truth and putting people in...

Manipulation by Disinformation: How Elections are Swayed

Manipulation by Disinformation: How Elections are Swayed

In 2016, we witnessed as the Trump and Brexit campaigns leveraged the help of Cambridge Analytica to spread disinformation and sway voters in their favour. While Cambridge Analytica has since been dissolved, the threat of disinformation is ever-present. In many ways, it is a threat that arguably dates back to ancient times and what we see today is simply its...