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AI and Machine Learning

Whether you have an interest in technology or not, you’re probably already of AI technology and how it has evolved over recent years. In fact, many of us use AI every day without even realising it or taking it for granted because it feels as though it has always been there. However, actually, AI technology has improved so much over recent years which means that more and more sectors are starting to take advantage of...

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Hybrid physical-cyber security threats drive supplier integration

As the cyber and physical worlds collide and interact, so the defences in each are now integrating with an example this month being the merger between Jazz Networks, a cybersecurity insider threat detection and response company, and Vaion, an end-to-end video security provider to form Ava Security. Tormod Ree, CEO of Ava Security commented: “The only way to protect against hybrid cyber and physical security threats is to have a solution that can connect the...

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