Tuesday , 22 August 2017
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Spam email remains a potent threat tool for hackers

Online criminals are keeping the faith with http://www.itproportal.com/news/unsafe-emails-are-still-squeezing-through/, with more and more nuisance messages being sent today than ever before. Figures from IBM have shown that spam email remains a key tool for hackers, with the volume of such messages increasing 400 per cent in the past year. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: ITProPortal Read More »

Expert of Malware Blow the Whistle on Russian Hacking

A Ukrainian author of malware who built the PAS Web shell- a PHP based imbed used to remotely execute commands on hacked systems – has turned himself in to Ukrainian authorities. He has been cooperating with the probe by Federal Bureau of Investigation into the seeming Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: SpamFighter Read More »

Ad Trackers on E-Commerce Sites Can Unmask Bitcoin Transactions

Research published last week reveals that cookies and other data collected by ad trackers on e-commerce sites can be used to de-anonymize Bitcoin transactions. The idea is that despite how careful users are to hide their identity behind a random Bitcoin address when purchasing products, the same assumption of privacy and anonymity cannot be expected from the online platform where ... Read More »

Security and privacy are critical to deliver safety for the next generation vehicle

Automobiles today have powerful computers interacting with one another, receiving volumes of data from a complex network of sensors. As the industry is moving to more automated driving, more powerful computers are added to the mix for real time vision processing. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Information Age Read More »

Game of Thrones: HBO hackers threaten leak of season finale

The hackers who compromised HBO’s network systems in July have threatened to leak the final two episodes of Game of Thrones. The “Mr Smith group” of hackers told tech site Mashable that it has access to “many HBO platforms” and that HBO should be “ready” for the leak of episode six, which aired on Sunday, and episode seven of its biggest hit ... Read More »

Organisations risk hefty government fines as new research shows continuing failure to prepare for cyber-attacks

Almost a third (31 per cent) of organisations have been affected by cyber-crime in the past 12 months, according to new research from Databarracks. In light of this, the business continuity expert suggests that organisations must look to invest in ongoing cyber awareness training, especially following the government’s proposed fines for firms who fall victim to cyber-attacks.   As part ... Read More »

Fortinet Threat Landscape Report Reveals Poor Security Hygiene and Risky Applications Enable Destructive Cyberattacks to Spread Infection at Record Pace

Fortinet, the global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announced the findings of its latest Global Threat Landscape Report. The research reveals that poor cybersecurity hygiene and risky application usage enables destructive worm-like attacks to take advantage of hot exploits at record speed. Adversaries are spending less time developing ways to break in, and instead are focusing on leveraging automated and ... Read More »

New Patent Uses Circuit Boards to Protect Cryptographic Information

It’s everywhere. Seemingly everywhere you turn, there’s somesort of virtual attack happening. Ever since the invention of the computer hackers, have been around. But, it has only been in the last decade or so that hackers have come to the forefront of society. Today, attacks such as the WannaCry incident prove that online security is something that is of the ... Read More »

Majority of FTSE 350 boards lack cyber incident training

Cyber security is now firmly cemented as a key issue in the boardroom of FTSE 350 companies, but this isn’t reflected in the training that management receive in dealing with cyber incidents. In a survey carried out by KPMG as part of the Government’s Cyber Governance Health Check, over half (54 per cent) of businesses place cyber risk as a ... Read More »

Android new malware FakeToken steals user details of cab hailing-apps : Kaspersky

Moscow-based cybersecurity provider, Kaspersky detected an Android Malware FakeToken which is creating a serious security threat to all the users who are registered in Android cab-hailing applications by stealing their information, calls, and texts. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Tech Facts Live Read More »