Thursday , 22 February 2018
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More than 600 blacklisted Bitcoin Apps found across official app stores

The world’s top app stores are hosting 661 blacklisted Bitcoin apps which leave users open to hackers, a new investigation by digital threat management leader RiskIQ today reveals. RiskIQ analysed 18,408 apps across 20 App stores – including Apple, Google Play, SameAPK and APKPlz. Monitoring 10 of the popular Bitcoin Exchanges in the app title, it found a staggering 661 ... Read More »

Poll: People trust criminals over government

With Data Privacy Day approaching this Sunday 28th January, Tripwire, a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organisations, conducted a poll that asked “who are you most concerned about collecting your private information? The government, corporations, identify theft criminals, or online stalkers/harassers?”. Of the 315 who participated, the majority (40%) said they would be ... Read More »

2018 Cyber Security Predictions

In life, there are things that are almost guaranteed. Feature articles on predictions and trends at the beginning of the year certainly fall into this category and in the cyber security industry, there’s plenty. Having picked the brains of leading figures within the cyber security industry, we’ve rounded up some of the best and most interesting predictions as we go ... Read More »

39% of Organisations Point to IT Team for Security Incidents in the Cloud

Netwrix Corporation, provider of a visibility platform for user behaviour analysis and risk mitigation in hybrid environments, today released the 2018 Netwrix Cloud Security Report. The headline concern with regard to cloud security is risk of unauthorised access (69%). When something does go wrong it is IT (39%), non-IT users (30%) or cloud providers (30%) who most shoulder the blame. ... Read More »

Organisations Need a New Mindset to Secure Software Development and Thrive in the Digital Economy

CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) has revealed results of a global study of more than 1,200 IT leaders, including 466 across six countries in Europe, on the topic of secure software development. Conducted by IT industry analyst firm Freeform Dynamics, the new report entitled, “Integrating Security into the DNA of Your Software Lifecycle” highlights the influence of an organisation’s culture on its ... Read More »

Chatbots can pose a serious security threat, warns security expert BOHH Labs

Chatbots are quickly becoming the interface of choice for many organisations. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Oracle revealed that 80 percent of businesses want chatbots by 2020. While the advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mobile technology have created a new set of tools for brands to communicate with, the technology itself has yet to reach a mature state, and ... Read More »

Bomgar Enables GDPR Compliance for Privileged Users

Bomgar, a leader in secure access solutions, today announced its secure access solutions can help organisations comply with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates. The amount, sources, and types of data that are collected and used by organisations today has grown exponentially, along with the value that can be gained from obtaining this data. How and where ... Read More »

72 hours and counting: The role of AI in GDPR

John Titmus,
EMEA - Sales Engineering, CrowdStrike

Written By  John Titmus, Director, EMEA – Sales Engineering, CrowdStrike The need to be GDPR-ready may be attention-grabbing right now, but turn this on its head; would you rather be compliant or protected against breaches? If you more concerned about compliance without understanding the role of security and protection, you may face the ticking of the breach notification clock – ... Read More »

Learning to live left of breach

Harlan Carvey,
Director of Intelligence Integration, Nuix

Written By Harlan Carvey, Director of Intelligence Integration, Nuix.  The cybersecurity industry tends to focus its attention on what to do after a breach or a hack occurs. After all, this is the topic of discussion for the media, or an organisations’ partners and customers. “What does the victim do now?” But shouldn’t we at least be as interested, if not ... Read More »

Netflix and Chill? If you open this email you could be screwed

If you’re planning a weekend binging on Netflix while relaxing with loved ones be warned – the brand is being used by scammers to screw over unsuspecting users!   Phishers have been spoofing this popular brand for a year, trying to trick users into handing over their credentials and payment information, but this week the scammers upped their game.   ... Read More »