Sunday , 24 September 2017
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Almost half of Brits think Government should pay when public services are held to ransom by hackers, reveals

With 47 NHS organisations recently held to ransom by hackers using WannaCry, can reveal that almost half (48%) of Britons believe that the Government should pay up when public services are under threat. In fact, despite the spread of WannaCry being quickly halted, this number jumps to nearly three quarters (75%) when looking at those under 25 – with ... Read More »

78 per cent of UK enterprise still not in a GDPR state of mind

A new report from CA Technologies* (NASDAQ: CA) reveals that only just over a quarter (28%) of large businesses in the UK have started preparing for the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force in May 2018. And, only 22 per cent are completely prepared and waiting to get started, according to decision makers. Preparations are unlikely ... Read More »

6.3 Connected Devices, 2.4 People and 0.3 Pets per Home in the New “Household 2.0” Era

The make-up of the modern home is changing, bringing with it a new era of “household 2.0” which, on average, cares for 2.4 people[i], 0.3 pets[ii] and now also 6.3[iii] connected devices per home. With devices playing such a prominent role in today’s average household, Kaspersky Lab has launched updated versions of Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security to ... Read More »

KrolLDiscovery brings end-to-end eDiscovery to the cloud with Nebula

KrolLDiscovery announced today that it has launched Nebula™, an end-to-end eDiscovery solution optimised for the cloud. Nebula is the next generation version of eDirect365 and builds on eDirect365’s strong processing and review capabilities. Nebula offers a user-friendly approach to the eDiscovery process, automating and simplifying typically complex tasks. As a web-based application, it is accessible from all modern browsers and ... Read More »

Threat Spotlight: Office 365 Account Compromise — the New “Insider Threat”

Office 365 now has over 100 million monthly active subscribers but is still a relatively new tool and due to its accessibility has become a breeding ground for highly personalised, compelling attacks. When employees receive an email from a co-worker, sent from their correct address, they often have no reason to believe it’s not legitimate. But this is not always ... Read More »

Blockchain system successfully deployed to revolutionise the logistics industry

A successful pilot program delivered by logistics technology company Marine Transport International (MTI) demonstrates that the logistics industry will see improved connectivity, efficiency and security thanks to blockchain. MTI, in conjunction with Agility Sciences, have today released a whitepaper detailing the deployment of their Container Streams system in a supply chain environment. The results of the pilot have been verified ... Read More »

Does AI make you WannaCry?

Dik Vos, CEO,

Almost every day we see or hear about major cyber-security threats and software issues that have serious repercussions on the daily running of society. The recent WannaCry ransomware attack brought the NHS to its knees in May and rendered the digital capability of the NHS useless. Shortly after this, a system collapse, suggested to have been caused by human error, ... Read More »

Knowledge is power in the fight against cyber attacks says the IISP

The Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) has released the first IISP Knowledge Framework as part of its commitment to improve the levels of understanding and professionalism in the face of a growing tide of cyber crime and attacks. The new Framework expands on the established IISP Skills Framework and defines the knowledge that information security professionals need to do ... Read More »

Comparitech Discovers Phishing Scam Targeting Bitcoin Users, the privacy advice and security comparison website, has discovered a phishing scam that has been going since 2015 and steals money from novice Bitcoin users who try to transfer funds anonymously.  The phishing attack comes from an article that is the top search result in Google for ‘bitcoin mixing’. The phishing links are hidden within an apparently legitimate article ... Read More »

UK Critical Infrastructure Liable to Fines for Skipping Basic Cyber Security Checks

Over a third of national critical infrastructure organisations in the UK (39%) have not completed basic cyber security standards issued by the UK government, according to data revealed under the Freedom of Information Act by Corero Network Security. The fact that so many infrastructure organisations have not completed the ’10 Steps to Cyber Security’ programme indicates a lack of cyber ... Read More »