Friday , 24 November 2017
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NHS cyber attack makes you Wanna-Cry – Experts have their say

We all remember the disastrous effect of Wannacry ransomware attack which spread across the world infecting more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries. This is biggest cyber-attack to have hit the NHS IT systems in the UK so far. However, a recent report released by the National Audit Office claimed that the affected NHS trusts could have easily prevented ... Read More »

SolarWinds reveals IT professional fears this Halloween

There’s something in the house…   Anyone with a passing knowledge of horror films will be familiar with the old “the (phone) call is coming from within the house” scene. Playing on our presumed safety within the confines of our home, this scene may be overused, but for IT professionals, it can ring horrifyingly true.   Arguably the most nightmarish ... Read More »

Security, collaboration and development trends driving enterprise app adoption in EMEA according to Okta Businesses @ Work Report

Okta, Inc., the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, today announced the results of its first EMEA focused Businesses @ Work report, which uses anonymised data from Okta’s customer base to shed light on the way apps are used within the enterprise.   Zoom, a provider of enterprise video communications technology, is the fastest growing application within EMEA ... Read More »

Janrain Raises Bar for Most Rigorous Security Certification in CIAM Industry

Janrain®, the company that pioneered the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) category and market leader in Privacy by Design, today announced that it has obtained two of the industry’s most comprehensive third-party security certifications, and the only ones designed specifically for the cloud: 1) Cloud Security Alliance Level 2 (CSA) STAR Certification, which verifies that Janrain follows industry-best practices for ... Read More »

Call security! Cyber defence lags behind in retail

Mike Hemes,,
Regional Director, Western Europe, A10 Networks

It’s a familiar sight – the uniformed security guard patrolling the store on the lookout for shoplifters, ready to spring into action to stop thieves from getting away with the goods. Retailers have long known the value of proactive security to prevent loss and act as a deterrent in the real world. However, it seems that in the virtual world ... Read More »

It’s Time to Add a Third Pillar to Your Security Strategy…Intelligence

Written by Anthony Perridge,,
Regional Director, ThreatQuotient

The recent global ransomware attacks that have dominated television news and headlines across the UK and Europe should be a call to arms for organisations around the world. Hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 150 countries have been affected and organisations are clearly under siege as cybercriminals execute campaigns that spread fast and cause damage. But, why have ... Read More »

Shedding light on the Deep & Dark Web: Bringing risk intelligence to bear for business benefit

Olivia Rowley,
Flashpoint Analyst

Beyond the accessible surface of the open web, anonymous users exchange illegal goods and plan criminal activities away from prying eyes. Known as the Deep & Dark Web, these covert regions of the Internet are unindexed by search engines and far greater in volume than the open web. Here, among the forum chatter of cybercriminals and other adversaries, emerging threats ... Read More »

UK mid-sized companies invest in security technologies but not the resource required to use them

CORETX, the UK-based IT managed services provider, has released survey results suggesting that mid-sized companies aren’t adequately protecting themselves from cyber-security threats, not due to lack of investment in technology but through a lack of the dedicated, skilled resource needed to make the most of those tools. CORETX found that of the 100 IT decision makers surveyed, 72% have implemented ... Read More »

New Study Reveals Brands Fail to Use Customer Data to Deliver Personalised Digital Experiences

Sitecore, the global leader in experience management software, today released results of a global study[1] conducted in partnership with Vanson Bourne,  to understand how brands are managing the data they collect from consumers, securing and analysing it, and using it to deliver a more personalised customer experience. The research, which included 50 marketing and IT decision makers, and 500 consumers ... Read More »

Marrying machine and human threat intelligence for ultimate security

Richard Betts,,
Head of International Financial Services at Anomali

Despite the gloomy cyber attack headlines, many organisations are moving along the cyber security maturity curve and the adoption of intelligence led security strategies has increased. One of the main drivers is the sheer volume of data that comes in and out of a business, which makes it difficult to divulge actionable insight. A lot of data that is not ... Read More »