Wednesday , 22 November 2017


Pricing of Goods and Services on the Deep & Dark Web

Olivia Rowley, Analyst,

The Deep & Dark Web facilitates an expansive and dynamic underground economy shaped by the diverse skills and motivations of a wide range of adversaries. The forums and marketplaces where illicit goods and services are exchanged have come to play an influential role in today’s cyber and physical threat landscape by providing access to the means to carry out various ... Read More »

Data-Driven DDoS Defence Decision Making

Mike Hemes, Regional Director,
A10 Networks

The unrelenting wave of multi-vector DDoS attacks has blossomed into a full-fledged systemic problem for organisations of all sizes. And it shows no signs of slowing. To calm the mounting concern over inadequate multi-vector DDoS protection and defence capacity, organisations find themselves tapping already strapped budgets to increase spending on DDoS detection and mitigation. In fact, 74 percent of respondents ... Read More »

Should you fear the Reaper?

Mike Hemes, Regional Director,
A10 Networks

Move over Mirai, there’s a new monstrous botnet in town. The newly-discovered botnet, dubbed “Reaper” or “IoTroop,” appears to be a more powerful strain of the Internet of Things (IoT) attack malware that Mirai was, the previous holder of the IoT botnet crown. And while Reaper hasn’t yet to launch an attack, security researchers warn that it may only be ... Read More »

Things That Go Bump in the Night (or in Encrypted Traffic)

Mike Hemes, Regional Director A10 Networks,
A10 Networks

Halloween is finally here. It is the perfect time to grab your metaphorical flashlight and hunt down the ghosts and goblins (a.k.a. malware and threats) lurking in your network, hidden by the shadows of encrypted traffic. According to industry experts, roughly 70 percent of internet traffic is encrypted. On the surface, that may not sound too startling, but what’s chilling ... Read More »

Vectra 2018 Cyber Security predictions

Oliver Tavakoli, Chief Technology Officer,

  Ransomware attack trends will split based on motives   Ransomware as a disruptive or destructive attack will increase. Cyber warcraft is the new oil – in essence, total control of corporate networks or industrial plants have become as valuable as energy resources and motivate nation states. However, we will see a decrease in ransomware purely for financial gain as ... Read More »

It’s Time to Add a Third Pillar to Your Security Strategy…Intelligence

Anthony Perridge, Regional Director,

The recent global ransomware attacks that have dominated television news and headlines across the UK and Europe should be a call to arms for organisations around the world. Hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 150 countries have been affected and organisations are clearly under siege as cybercriminals execute campaigns that spread fast and cause damage. But, why have ... Read More »

Three Keys to DDoS Defence: Monitor, Protect, Communicate

Mike Hemes, Regional Director, Western Europe,
A10 Networks

In late 2016, the DDoS landscape changed. The Mirai botnet was responsible for the first DDoS attack on record to exceed 1 Tbps. Before that, the largest was around 600 Gbps. At that same time, the overall size and frequency of DDoS attacks continued to climb. A recent IDG Connect report found attacks of greater than 50 Gbps have more than quadrupled and ... Read More »

Three Security Predictions

Kai Grunwitz,,
Senior Vice President EMEA, NTT Security

Three security predictions from Kai Grunwitz, Senior Vice President EMEA, NTT Security:   DevSecOps in the age of the cloud DevOps is an increasingly popular development practice allowing organisations to increase the speed at which they produce apps and services. An unfortunate side effect of this process is that you might also be accelerating the production of insecure code and ... Read More »

Putting your head in the cloud to become GDPR compliant

Paul Blore,,
MD at Netmetix

GDPR is coming and is set to have a huge impact on UK businesses. From high-tech to agriculture, every modern business has huge volumes of data that will have to be stored, secured and managed in a way that is compliant with the new regulation.  That’s all very well and good if you are a huge company that can throw ... Read More »

Can you prevent the mega breach?

Amol Kulkarni,,
Sr. Vice President, Engineering at CrowdStrike

The threat landscape today is more complex and more dangerous than it has ever been. Where once hackers tended to operate individually, now organisations face much more sophisticated threats from organised eCriminal groups, hacktivists, and nation-state adversaries. The immense resources and know-how that these cybercriminals can deploy means that organisations need to update their approach to security. If they do ... Read More »