Saturday , 26 May 2018


European users can request a copy of the data Apple keeps on them

Apple has set up a Data and Privacy portal where users can make a request to download all the data Apple has on them, correct their personal information, deactivate or delete their account. The creation of the portal is a direct result of the GDPR legislation coming into force today (May 25, 2018) and will be made available to all ... Read More »

Tech companies to disclose foreign software probes under US Bill: Report

The Bill still needs to pass the full Senate and be reconciled with the House of Representatives version of that legislation before being signed by US President Donald Trump, Reuters added. Under the Bill, tech companies may have to limit the use of the software to non-classified areas of government if its source code has been reviewed by a foreign ... Read More »

Instapaper is latest big name site to close (for now) over GDPR

Instapaper the bookmarking service launched in 2008, has announced it is to cease trading in the European Union, as it cannot comply with GDPR before the deadline. The company is shutting down EU access from today, but has pledged to return once it has had time to comply with the new arrangements. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Inquirer Read More »

Amazon Alexa Recorded a Conversation and Sent It to a Contact Without Permission

As much as people enjoy their virtual assistants, sometimes they do things that are downright creepy. Such is the case for a family in Portland who discovered that Amazon Alexa recorded a conversation without permission and sent it to a random person in their contact list. According to KIRO 7, a family from Portland suddenly received a phone call from ... Read More »

Electron patches patch after security researcher bypassed said patch

In an update last week, the developers of Electron – the toolkit used to craft widely used apps from Skype and Slack to Atom – shipped a patch to their January patch, and now, an infosec researcher has explained why. A remote-code execution vulnerability, CVE-2018-1000006, was found in Windows applications developed using Electron that registered custom protocol handlers. View full ... Read More »

T-Mobile bug let anyone see any customer’s account details

A bug in T-Mobile’s website let anyone access the personal account details of any customer with just their cell phone number. The flaw, since fixed, could have been exploited by anyone who knew where to look — a little-known T-Mobile subdomain that staff use as a customer care portal to access the company’s internal tools. The subdomain —, which ... Read More »

Testing of Uber’s Self-Driving Car Crashes to a Halt

In the aftermath of a fatal crash that killed a pedestrian, the state of Arizona barred Uber Technologies, Inc. from road-testing its self-driving car program. Now, the company announced on 23 May that it will close down the self-driving vehicle program in Arizona, a move that will affect more than 300 jobs, according to the Wall Street Journal. A spokeswoman ... Read More »

London’s Met Police: We won’t use facial recognition at Notting Hill Carnival

London cops will not use controversial and inaccurate facial recognition technology at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival – in a departure from the trend over the previous two years. The Metropolitan Police have been using the technology since the 2016 carnival, which takes place on the August bank holiday weekend, despite intense pressure from campaigners and politicians. View full story ... Read More »

GDPR: US news sites blocked to EU users over data protection rules

A number of high-profile US news websites are temporarily unavailable in Europe after new European Union rules on data protection came into effect. The Chicago Times and LA Times were among those posting messages saying they were currently unavailable in most European countries.The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives EU citizens more rights over how their information is used. View ... Read More »

Malware Found in the Firmware of 141 Low-Cost Android Devices

Two years after being ousted, a criminal operation that has been inserting malware in the firmware of low-cost Android devices is still up and running, and has even expanded its reach. News of this group first surfaced after a report in December 2016, when Russian antivirus vendor Dr.Web disclosed that a mysterious threat actor had found a way to penetrate ... Read More »