Thursday , 19 October 2017


FBI appeals to Businesses to Share DDoS Attack Info

The FBI has appealed to businesses to share info about DDoS attacks they may have fallen victim to, regardless of size, following the relentless wave of ransomware attacks this year. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Threat Post Read More »

Google boots 8 Android Apps from Play

Google has taken 8 apps from its Play store, even though they have been downloaded as many as 2.6 MILLION times. Researchers found the apps in question could add devices to a bot net and can perform denial-of-service attacks, as well as other actions. View full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Ars Technica Read More »

Group launches Cyber Attacks against Maritime and Defense sectors

Leviathan, an espionage group active since 2014, is launching cyber attacks against the maritime and defense sectors- focusing specifically on contractors and associated University Research institutions. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: ZDNet Read More »

80% of Local London Councils at Risk of Cyber Attack

80% of London’s councils are at risk of a major cyber attack, new research has revealed. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Evening Standard Read More »

Europol Stresses Increased Security for IoT Devices

Europol has stressed manufacturers of IoT devices do their utmost to ensure consumer IoT goods cannot be easily hacked. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Expatica Read More »

Has Domino’s been Hacked? Customers believe so…

Customers of Domino’s pizza in Australia have complained that their personal data has been leaked, after receiving personalized phishing emails- knowing their first name, and where they live. Domino’s says their systems have not been compromised. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Read More »

Google Announces ‘Advanced Protection Program’

In a blog post on Tuesday Google announced the introduction of the new ‘Advanced Protection Program’, intended to protect people seen to be high risk from hacking. This includes politicians, journalists and even activists. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Mashable Read More »

Are UK Spy Agencies Collecting Social Media Data?

UK spy agencies are allegedly collecting and sharing citizens’ social media data- it has been heard in a case bought by Privacy international, looking at the legality of mass data collection. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: BBC Read More »

Childrens Smartwatches ‘Easily’ Hackable

Certain smartwatches, designed to be safe for children, have security flaws which make them easier for hackers to gain access to, a watchdog has warned. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: BBC Read More »

Google gives Chrome for Windows its own Antivirus

Google is rolling out several Chrome for Windows security improvements, including its own basic antivirus, in conjunction with ESET. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Register Read More »