Saturday , 17 March 2018


Researchers Who Found AMD CPU Flaws Explain Chaotic Disclosure

Ilia Luk-Zilberman, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of CTS Labs, the company behind yesterday’s disclosure of 13 vulnerabilities affecting AMD processors, has published an open letter today, explaining his company’s controversial actions that managed to enrage a huge portion of the tech and security research communities. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Bleeping Computer Read More »

Meltdown and Spectre will delay patching for most organizations

Complexity and challenges associated with the Spectre and Meltdown patches will result in companies delaying future patch rollouts, according to Barkly. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Help Net Security Read More »

More countries are learning from Russia’s cyber tactics

When British and US officials blamed Russian military hackers for last summer’s NotPetya ransomware attack, they were confirming long-held suspicions among western governments that Russia is stepping up its hostile cyber capabilities. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The FT Read More »

Google Moves to Ban Ads for Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency

Following a similar no-quarter approach taken by Facebook, Google plans to ban crypto-related advertising starting in June. The ban includes ads for initial coin offerings (ICOs), wallets and trading advice, across any Google platforms. The prohibition will be far ranging: Google’s ad engines place ads on not just its own sites but also on third-party outlets. View full story ORIGINAL ... Read More »

New PoS malware PinkKite takes flight

A new family of point-of-sale malware, dubbed PinkKite, has been identified by researchers who say the malware is tiny in size, but can delivered a hefty blow to POS endpoints. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Threatpost Read More »

Samba rushes out fix for flaw that lets anyone change admin passwords

Samba has patched two serious security vulnerabilities in its widely used open-source Windows and Linux networking software. Patches were rushed out after security experts uncovered password and denial-of-service flaws that can be found in all versions of the software released since December 2012. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Inquirer Read More »

WhatsApp stops sharing data with Facebook

WhatsApp has agreed to suspend data-sharing with Facebook after an investigation revealed it actually had no legal reason to share customers’ information with the social network. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: IT PRO Read More »

Big data and insurance: Implications for innovation and privacy

The use of big data analytics in insurance offers societal benefits, as improved understanding of risks can inform risk reduction and enhance insurability. However, individuals, firms and regulators face complex trade-offs when balancing the benefits and risks of using personal data from digital sources to calculate insurance premiums. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Help Net Security Read More »

13 Critical Flaws Discovered in AMD Ryzen and EPYC Processors

Security researchers claimed to have discovered 13 critical Spectre/Meltdown-like vulnerabilities throughout AMD’s Ryzen and EPYC lines of processors that could allow attackers to access sensitive data, install persistent malware inside the chip, and gain full access to the compromised systems. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Hacker News Read More »

How Israel is becoming the world’s top cyber superpower

Israel, or “Startup Nation” as some call it, has become a world leader in cyber security. And the nation’s military is fueling its supremacy. View full story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Vice Read More »