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Independent Study Reveals 82% of Service Providers see Clear Business Opportunity in Providing Premium DDoS Protection-as-a-Service to Their Customers

Corero Network Security announced this week the results of the second annual study of service providers, with the objective uncovering the drivers, benefits, and barriers to enhanced DDoS protection with providers offering services like VoIP, UC, transit, public and private cloud services and E-Line and E-LAN functionality. The findings offer valuable insights into the group’s needs for positioning DDoS protection ... Read More »

Cybersecurity Best Practices to Win the Game of Chasing Tails

Duncan Hughes,
Systems Engineering Director, EMEA, A10 Networks

When it comes to our cyber activity, it seems that we are playing a never-ending game of chasing tails with cyber criminals. The more our technologies advance and adapt, so criminals are finding new and sneakier ways to break into systems and take personal and sensitive data hostage. Unsuspecting industries such as healthcare and hospitality are unwittingly becoming the biggest ... Read More »

As GDPR deadline looms, time for compliance is running out

GDPR is a game-changing piece of data protection legislation that goes into effect on May 25, 2018. While the legislation includes various components related to how organizations collect, store, manage and protect customer data, the ‘right to be forgotten’ gives individuals the right to have personal data erased. If most organizations cannot locate where their customer data is stored, it will ... Read More »

3 Nigerian Cyberthieves Sentenced to Total of 235 Years in Prison

A federal district court sentenced three Nigerian cybercriminals to a collective 235 years in prison for tens of millions of dollars in intended losses via identity theft, credit card fraud, mail fraud, and pilfering government property, the US Department of Justice announced today. Femi Alexander Mewase, 45, received a 25-year prison sentence; Oladimeji Seun Ayelotan, 30, received a 95-year prison ... Read More »

Kremlin critics targeted in hacking attack

Hackers are stepping up efforts to steal and manipulate emails from critics of the Russian government, security researchers say, using techniques that were hallmarks of a cyber attack on Emmanuel Macron’s campaign on the eve of France’s presidential election.   View Full Story Here ORIGINAL SOURCE: Financial Times Read More »

WannaCry: Ransom note analysis throws up new clues

As the world works towards identifying the perpetrators of the WannaCry ransomware campaign, one group of cybersecurity researchers says they’ve likely determined the native language of the writer of the ransom note, another potential step towards attributing the attack. A number of cybersecurity firms have tentatively linked the attack to North Korea, but now analysis of WannaCry ransom notes in 28 languages ... Read More »

Was the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 hack a hoax? Disney CEO says no movie was stolen

Disney CEO Bob Iger has reportedly confirmed that the company was not hacked and no movie was stolen by hackers. Reports of Disney having allegedly been hacked and held to ransomrecently broke, just days before the much-anticipated release of the Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie. However, the hackers’ threat to release portions of the movie ... Read More »

The GDPR: The SME approach to the ‘Right to be Forgotten’

Dr Guy Bunker,
SVP of Products, Clearswift

With just one year to go, businesses in the UK are looking for a practical approach to preparing for the GDPR and its more challenging aspects, in particular the ‘right to be forgotten’ (RTBF). From May 25th 2018 onwards, if a company is presented with an RTBF request, they will have 30 days in which to find that individual’s information ... Read More »

Nearly 50% of manufacturers don’t test their devices highlighting critical security deficiencies in today’s medical devices

The latest Synopsys and Ponemon study Medical Device Security: An Industry Under Attack and Unprepared to Defend has been released today and highlights the critical security deficiencies in today’s medical devices. Alarmingly only 53% of healthcare delivery organisations (HDOs) said they tested the medical device at least once a year with 43% of manufactures said they don’t test devices at ... Read More »

DDoS Attacks Fell 23% in First Quarter, Grew in Size

Although the number of DDoS attacks dropped in the first three months of the year, the average size of each attack grew, according to a Verisign report released Tuesday. DDoS attacks during the first quarter fell by 23%, but the average peak size ballooned by 26% to 14.1 Gbps compared with the previous quarter, according to the Verisign Q1 2017 ... Read More »