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Number of DDoS Attacks Have Doubled in Six Months As Criminals Leverage Unsecured IoT Devices

Organisations experienced an average of 237 DDoS attack attempts per month during Q3 2017 – equivalent to 8 DDoS attack attempts every day – as hackers strive to take their organisations offline or steal sensitive data, according to the latest DDoS Trends and Analysis report from Corero Network Security (LSE: CNS), a leading provider of real-time DDoS defense solutions. The ... Read More »

Police Chief Peter Goodman Believes everyone in UK has been Hacked

Police Chief Peter Goodman, the UK’s lead on Cybersecurity, believed everyone in the UK has probably been hacked, with persona data being sold on the dark web. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Tech Republic Read More »

Aadhaar Data Leak

More than 200 central and state Govt websites have leaked the personal user data of individuals using India’s National ID system. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: IBTimes Read More »

Cybersecurity Center Issues Warning RE ‘The Dark Overlord’

The UK Cyber Security Center has issued a warning RE the Dark Overlord, who continues to hack into organisations websites, holding them to ransom, and causing widespread chaos. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Bank InfoSecurity Read More »

$300 Million Worth of Ethereum Funds Accidentally Locked Away

A single user has accidentally, but permanently, locked away $300 worth of users Erthereum.   Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Motherboard Read More »

Three Security Predictions

Kai Grunwitz,,
Senior Vice President EMEA, NTT Security

Three security predictions from Kai Grunwitz, Senior Vice President EMEA, NTT Security:   DevSecOps in the age of the cloud DevOps is an increasingly popular development practice allowing organisations to increase the speed at which they produce apps and services. An unfortunate side effect of this process is that you might also be accelerating the production of insecure code and ... Read More »

Putting your head in the cloud to become GDPR compliant

Paul Blore,,
MD at Netmetix

GDPR is coming and is set to have a huge impact on UK businesses. From high-tech to agriculture, every modern business has huge volumes of data that will have to be stored, secured and managed in a way that is compliant with the new regulation.  That’s all very well and good if you are a huge company that can throw ... Read More »

Can you prevent the mega breach?

Amol Kulkarni,,
Sr. Vice President, Engineering at CrowdStrike

The threat landscape today is more complex and more dangerous than it has ever been. Where once hackers tended to operate individually, now organisations face much more sophisticated threats from organised eCriminal groups, hacktivists, and nation-state adversaries. The immense resources and know-how that these cybercriminals can deploy means that organisations need to update their approach to security. If they do ... Read More »

NATO Working on “Special Doctrine” for Cyber Op’s

NATO is working towards bolstering their cyber defenses, an official has said. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Hill Read More »

Flaw Affecting MILLIONS of Encryption Keys Worse than Initially Anticipated

A flaw affecting millions of encryption keys used in some of the highest-stake security settings could be easier to exploit than originally reported and anticipated, cryptographers  have reported. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Ars Technica Read More »