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Thales strengthens its multi-cloud data security portfolio

Thales, a leader in critical information systems, cybersecurity and data security, is making it easier for organisations to manage and secure their data in multi-cloud environments. Its advanced data security solutions integrate with the leading cloud service provider platforms from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Microsoft and Salesforce, allowing users to establish strong safeguards around their sensitive data and applications ... Read More »

IT teams and the C-suite must work together to deliver comprehensive cyber-security, says EACS

Cyber-security is rarely out of the news these days, with large businesses and organisation under attack. This is now increasingly moving to medium-sized organisations, who are also seeing their capital, reputation and intellectual property challenged by new and insidious threats. However, according to IT solutions and managed services provider (MSP) EACS, while many IT teams are taking steps to improve ... Read More »

NETSCOUT enters the advanced threat Market

NETSCOUT, a provider of business assurance – combining service assurance, cybersecurity and business intelligence – today announced integration between the company’s next-generation, real-time information platform, ISNG, and network threat analysis solution, Arbor Networks Spectrum. This solution brings NETSCOUT’s patented smart data technology to advanced threat detection, delivering pervasive visibility for the entire enterprise. Using a common, shared data source promotes ... Read More »

The 2017 Fappening: Victoria Justice Hacked, Attacker Says He’ll Leak Nude Pics

A new day, a new celebrity becoming a victim of hackers. This time, Victoria Justice got her Twitter account compromised, with the hacker threatening to release nude photos and videos showing the 24-year-old actress performing oral sex. While it’s not known whether the hacker indeed holds such content that could be posted online, screenshots published by GossipCop show Victoria Justice’s ... Read More »

Newly Discovered CowerSnail Backdoor Targets Windows Computers

Security researchers have discovered a new backdoor trojan targeting Windows computers. Named CowelSnail, this malware appears to be the work of the same group who weaponized the SambaCry vulnerability to install cryptocurrency miners on Linux servers last month. Codewise, CowerSnail is an unusual strain, being coded in Qt, a coding framework for developing cross-OS applications. Qt malware isn’t anything new ... Read More »

Shoddy data-stripping exposes firms to hack attacks

Large firms are vulnerable to targeted hack attacks because they do little to strip data from files on their websites, suggests research. The data gets added as employees create documents, images and other files as they maintain and update websites. The research found user names, employee IDs, software versions and unique IDs for internal computers in the files. Attackers could ... Read More »

Sweden’s massive data leak was ‘a complete failure’ says PM Stefan Lofven

Sweden’s government has confirmed the massive data leak that is now considered to be the largest of its kind in history. The incident involved the Swedish government’s transportation agency accidentally leaking vast amounts of data, exposing personal and sensitive information of nearly every citizen. Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven sees the cybersecurity slip-up as “a disaster.” “What has happened is ... Read More »

‘Virtual kidnapping’ phone scams claim victim’s family members have been abducted

The caller who rang Valerie Sobel’s cellphone had a horrifying message: “We have Simone’s finger. Do you want to see the rest of her in a body bag?” Then came the sound of her daughter, screaming in terror. “She called me Mum (and said) ‘I’m terrified, please help,’ ” Sobel recalled. In the hours that followed, the kidnappers talked her ... Read More »

Businesses must be savvy to mobile security threats as app adoption spikes, says DOGFI.SH Mobile

The continued proliferation of mobile applications can only be maintained if security considerations make up a key part of the design and implementation process. This is according to DOGFI.SH Mobile who suggests that as the mobile app market continues to mature, any flaws in an app’s security architecture will become clearer, with users becoming increasingly intolerant to these weaknesses. Research ... Read More »

Five years later: Have you changed your LinkedIn password yet?

Kevin Hansel,
CIO at SailPoint

The fallout of data breaches has long lasting effects – as we’ve seen from the continued impact of the 2012 data breach at LinkedIn. Although the attack happened five years ago, the ripple effects continue to this day. Recent reports of credentials stolen from U.K. officials are a good demonstration of this. Email addresses and passwords of MPs, parliamentary staff, ... Read More »