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FireMon concludes third quarter of 2016 with largest bookings on record

Network security policy management providers Firemon has announced its largest bookings quarter in history as well as an impressive 53% growth in new customers over Q2 2016. Year-to-date renewal rates topped 90%, which the company attributes to an increased focus on customer success that resulted in an industry-leading 96% customer satisfaction rating. “The success we achieved this quarter highlights the ... Read More »

Apple says banks can’t touch iPhone NFC without harming security

Apple has argued that allowing banks to use iPhone NFC chips independently of Apple Pay would compromise the phones’ security. The argument has been aired in Apple’s response to the four Australia Banks who have requested permission to negotiate with Apple as a bloc rather than join Apple Pay. The banks want their own apps to be able to use iPhones’ wireless ... Read More »

AppRiver’s Predictions for Q3

So far, 2016 has been a pretty hectic year for cybersecurity professionals – and a lucrative one for hackers. We’ve had some big breaches, massive downtimes and a plethora of e-mail scams. So what can we expect as we head into the second half of what has already been a tumultuous year for the cyber landscape? We’ve got this video ... Read More »

UK SMEs not prioritising better online security

The majority of the UK’s SMEs are not prioritising better online security in the next 12 months, despite the impending impact of the EU’s new data protection legislation, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was adopted in April 2016 and takes effect within two years. Notwithstanding the EU referendum result, the Information Commissioner’s Office has confirmed that, ‘if the UK ... Read More »

How to Protect Yourself or Organization from Malware

Ransomware is one of the most infuriating kinds of cyber attack that’s cropped up over recent years, with hackers raking it in from hapless comouter users who just want their files back. Whilst we all hope for a perfect online community where such things wouldn’t happen, it’s evident that future is a long way away. So the team at AppRiver have ... Read More »

Safety of Our Data is ‘Unknown’

Citizens rely on government to keep their data safe, wherever it’s held and whatever technology they use, however, a recent survey into Central Government, Local Authorities and the Blue Light & Justice sector reveals that citizen data is handled precariously with a disturbing lack of confidence in exactly how (or if) it is protected when using cloud models. GovNewsDirect conducted Your ... Read More »

Overcoming hurdles: Businesses need to up their game if they are to maintain productivity this August

Chris Hodson,
CISO, EMEA at ZScaler

As the biggest sporting event of the summer begins, IT and security leaders need to make sure they refocus their cyber security efforts, to assess the risks associated, and their ability to respond if needed. Vigilance should be at the forefront for business leaders globally. Cybercriminals are aware that users will be looking for convenient ways to keep up-to-date with ... Read More »

AppRiver on the MySpace & LinkedIn Data Breaches

Join the experts from AppRiver as they run thourgh some of the details of the MySpace and LinkedIn breaches of late, which saw millions of account details compromised. Also worth considering is how these braches can impact peoples’ lives, given what we’ve seen in the past with some large-scale breaches. With compromised details, consumers become highly susceptible to fraud and ... Read More »

Google’s latest transparency report shows record government data requests

Google saw a record number of data requests from law enforcement agencies worldwide during the second half of 2015 as the request total passed the 40,000 mark for the first time. That’s up from 35,365 in the first half of the year and 30,140 one year previous,according to the tech giant’s latest transparency report. Google’s transparency report is an important resource since it provides a ... Read More »

Spam Campaign Distributing Locky Variant Zepto Ransomware

Zepto, supposedly a variant of the well-known Locky ransomware, was recently spotted in a distribution campaign that involved over 100,000 spam messages, Cisco Talos security researchers warn. Spotted for the first time in February, Locky needed only a couple of weeks to become one of the largest threats in the ransomware landscape, but it needed several months to spawn its ... Read More »