Thursday , 19 October 2017
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Predictive Analytics: Fad or the Future of Cyber Security?

Mike Hemes,,
Regional Director, A10 Networks

They’re called superforecaster. A subset of human study volunteers who have an uncanny ability to predict the future better than the general populous. Who are these individuals? According to The Washington Post, the superforecaster term was coined by University of Pennsylvania professor Philip Tetlock. His 20-year study — explained in detail in “Expert Political Judgment: How Good Is It? How Can ... Read More »

Immersive Labs introduces ‘The Digital Cyber Academy’

Immersive Labs, the highly accoladed UK cyber security startup that helps companies identify and develop talent through a unique cloud-based cyber training and assessment platform, will launch The Digital Cyber Academy (DCA) on October 19th, at Level 39, Canary Wharf, London. The DCA encourages full-time students around the world to develop cyber skills by immersing users in real-world exercises through ... Read More »

Swedish Transport Agency hit by DDoS attack

Sweden’s Transport Agency has been hit by a series of DDoS attacks forcing the official website of Transportstyrelsen to go offline. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Hackread Read More »

Ransomware sale value in the millions!

$6million. That is the total estimated value of ransomware sales on the dark web market places. Crazy to think it used to cost $250,000 only a year ago. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: ZDNet Read More »

Hyatt Hotel Breached

The international resort giant Hyatt Hotels has suffered a data breach, exposing visitors payments card information from 41 hotels in 11 countries. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: IB Times Read More »

Fob flaw allows clones to be made for Subaru Cars

A vulnerability in the key fob system used by various Subaru models could be used by hackers to hijack the vehicles. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Bleeping Computer Read More »

Equifax hacked again

Equifax has had its contract with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) temporarily suspended after the credit reporting company had its website compromised again. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: IB Times Read More »

Pay Attention to These 5 Security Tips When Buying Cryptocurrencies

There are many ongoing discussions about the use of blockchain across various industries and markets.   In short, it is the distributed ledger technology or underlying foundation of Bitcoin, one of the most high-profile cryptocurrencies.   There are both public and private blockchains, and each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses regarding security. But the system itself, which ... Read More »

Security in the Internet of Things – an Inconvenient Truth

Rob Dyke, Field Application Engineering Manager,

The current political events in Barcelona provide us with a barely-needed reminder that we live in changing times.  I was in the city as part of the Trustonic team exhibiting at IoT Solutions World Congress last week and took some time to speak with fellow vendors. I soon saw some fantastic product demonstrations that drew my attention – I wanted ... Read More »

The simplicity of equality with Brian Brackenborough, Unsung Hero Award Winner

Brian Brackenborough, CISO,
Channel 4

When I was nominated for this award thingy they asked me if I’d like to write a blog, yes I said – why wouldn’t I? Millions of eyes reading my words and all that attention I’ll get, it’s a no brainer I thought. And what better a subject to talk about than that equality thing, that’s a real hot topic. ... Read More »