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Secure Cloudlink warns public sector must demonstrate extreme diligence when approaching the cyber threat landscape

The latest NHS hack has once again demonstrated the vulnerability of the public sector to cyber-crime. This is according to Secure Cloudlink, who argues that no organisation is immune to a data breach, but public sector organisations in particular must be endlessly diligent and maintain strict control over their digital information assets due to the highly sensitive nature of the ... Read More »

Cyber Espionage Tops the List as Most Serious Threat Concern to Global Businesses in 2017

Latest research from Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, reveals that 20 percent of global organizations rank cyber espionage as the most serious threat to their business, with a quarter (26 percent) struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape. In addition, one in five (20 percent) U.S. organizations have suffered a cyber espionage-related attack ... Read More »

Cyber threat on the rise to UK businesses – NCSC and NCA Report

A report looking into cyber threat to UK business warns attacks are “significant and growing.” The report, which was conducted by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), highlighted ransomware as the most common cyber extortion method. Ransomware is a malware that locks a user out of their device after it has covertly installed itself on ... Read More »

Ransomware becomes business staple for online crime

Ransomware has been through a meteoric rise over the past 12 months. Going from a barely known form of malware to one of the most commonly deployed threats around, the criminal world appears to be fully incorporating ransomware into its business model. That’s according to Palo Alto Networks, who’ve released a new report studying this form of attack. Considering 2016 has ... Read More »

Zero-day Numbers Exploded and 43m New Malware Variants Discovered in 2015

Symantec has today launched its annual Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), which reveals highly-skilled cyber criminals with skills sets that echo those of nation-state attackers, are fuelling an exponential growth in online crime. This is leaving businesses at risk of suffering more than 3 cyber-attacks a year according to new research from Symantec who are calling for CISOs to plan ... Read More »

Cyber security is a game – Businesses need to adapt

Ben Harknett,

Cyber security is often stated as a problem organisations need to deal with, but it’s an issue which is never going to be completely fixed. Instead of viewing cyber security as a problem, organisations need to start viewing their cyber security as a game and cyber adversaries as challengers in that game. The difference being that problems, like 1+1, have ... Read More »

Almost half of Endpoint Systems Compromised in the last 12 months, finds SANS Insititute

Cyber attackers are still riding the wave of success by attacking those surfing the web through their endpoint systems. All the valuable data – logins, access credentials and more – are still being regularly accessed by hackers, SANS has found in their 3rd endpoint security survey. After quizzing 829 IT professionals, they’ve concluded that there’s a clear need for a ... Read More »

Survey shows lack of concern around cyber security from UK students

Students aren’t concerned about cyber security despite 77% seeing it as a growing threat. Only 17% of students are genuinely concerned by cyber security despite it affecting many of them, finds a new survey by Jisc, the digital services and solutions organisation for UK education and research. Students are unsurprisingly more worried about grades (90%), but are also more often ... Read More »

Clark County water district hit with cyber attack

The Clark County Water Reclamation District has been hit with a cyber-attack but officials say operations haven’t been disrupted and no customer or employee information was hacked. The agency said in a statement Monday that its computer system was attacked late Friday night. Computers were shut down as a precaution but operations at all seven treatment facilities and customer service ... Read More »

Security Professionals Sick of Stupid Users, Bromium Finds

Bromium, the micro-virtualisation specialists from California, have just released the results of a survey conducted at RSA 2016 with some surprising results. Users take note! Asking 100 security professionals whether users were causing them the most headaches in their work, 70% of respondents replied “yes” – a pretty conclusive answer. What’s more Bromium have completed similar surveys in previous year ... Read More »