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Cloud Security

Read our Cloud Security News including features, how-tos, information, interviews and breaking news on the fast-growing industry. IT Security Guru is made up of a team of industry experts, providing daily news and insights into cloud security, cloud computing, exploits and vulnerabilities. For any queries relating to Cloud Security News, please contact our editorial team at [email protected]

One Identity introduces new cloud-based offerings to enable Zero Trust architectures

As the transition to remote working has forced many companies' hands for increased or faster adoption of cloud services, One Identity has announced the availability of its new software-as-a-service (SaaS) identity governance and administration (IGA) and privileged access management (PAM) solutions. Based on the One Identity Security Platform and designed with the full IGA and PAM capabilities of its industry-leading solutions, the new SaaS offerings allow organisations to implement a Zero Trust model and are...

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Menlo Security and Smartworld announce partnership in Middle East

Smartworld, one of the UAE’s leading technology providers, has today announced that it has joined the EMEA Partner Programme of Menlo Security, Inc. (Menlo Security™), provider of the world's first and only Cloud Security Platform built on an Isolation Core™. The Partnership provides UAE organizations the most effective way to eliminate all internet threats while protecting business and user productivity unlike traditional “detect and response” approaches that don’t protect against modern day threats such as...

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Red Canary enters cloud workload protection space

Red Canary has announced the launch of Red Canary Cloud Workload Protection, a cloud workload protection (CWP) solution that provides visibility and threat detection for security and DevOps teams. This new solution is purpose-built for cloud Linux workloads, focuses on runtime threat protection and response, and integrates seamlessly into DevOps workflows without sacrificing system performance and reliability. "Most businesses don’t have an effective solution in place to identify compromises or adversary activity in their cloud...

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Researchers at AT&T Alien Labs, the threat intelligence arm of AT&T Cybersecurity, have discovered a vulnerability in popular work collaboration platform Slack. Slack is a popular cloud-based messaging platform that is commonly used in workplace communication, with Slack Incoming Webhooks allowing users to post messages from applications to Slack. By specifying a unique URL, the message body, and a destination channel, users can send a message to any webhook using the URL for any workspace....

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New data from NordVPN Teams shows a massive spike since March 11 in business VPN usage worldwide in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. This directly correlates with the mass increase in remote work globally. The fundamental shift in work location will have enormous ramifications on digital business, the economy, and cybersecurity. Key numbers: NordVPN Teams has seen a 165% usage spike and an almost 600%increase in sales overall. People are working longer than...

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World and data

Jan Karremans, Director of Sales Engineering at EnterpriseDB Disruption has come to the role of the database administrator (DBA). Automation is eating up tasks typically completed by a DBA – and the technology is evolving to become ever smarter, ever more capable. This automation has sparked concern that humans will inevitably become redundant in running databases.  Already, cloud services have threatened to render the role obsolete. Now, with automation infiltrating more and more areas of...

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Internet screen security protection

Securonix, Inc. today announced the launch of the Securonix Analytics Sandbox capability, which provides an isolated test or QA environment within the production setup. This enables security operations teams to test, tune, and validate new use cases prior to pushing them to live production.   “Security operations teams are in a catch 22 - they must update use cases rapidly to stay ahead of evolving threats, but must do so in a way that does not...

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Working from home

By Stuart Sharp, VP of solution engineering at OneLogin According to predictions from the Office of National Statistics, 50% of the UK workforce is expected to be working remotely by 2020. Many organisations have been preparing for this eventuality for many years, as can be seen from the increased uptake of ‘working from home policies’. This is no surprise considering the advancements in technology and the growing expectation of flexible working hours from the modern...

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Security Key

Today, Nominet announces its Cyber Security and the Cloud research, finding that 61 percent of security professionals believe the risk of a security breach is the same or lower in cloud environments compared to on-premise. The research, surveying nearly 300 UK & US C-level security professionals, marks a major tipping point in the perception of security of the cloud. That said, the cloud’s perceived superiority over on-premise does not mean that respondents considered cloud systems...

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