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Data Protection

I think therefore IAM

“I think therefore I am.” - René Descartes This isn’t just a pompous philosophical proposition of autonomy, instead it is a timely piece of advice for ensuring corporate cybersecurity. Descartes really was ahead of his time! Identity and access management (IAM) plays an important part in securing your IT infrastructure by mitigating risk from both external cyberattack, and internal threat. Any company that thinks seriously about protecting sensitive information about their employees or customers should...

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Luisa Triana and Denise Purtzer

Leading fraud protection provider ClearSale ( have a team including VP of Partnerships Denise Purtzer at MageX 2019 in Austin, Texas, Sept. 12-13. MageX gives Magento merchants, developers, partners and agencies the opportunity to network face-to-face and to learn from Magento experts who will share best practices, case studies, consultations and other resources for attendees. Speaker topics at this year’s event include e-commerce cybersecurity and B2B e-commerce. ClearSale recently released an extension for Magento 2...

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Barry McMahon

By Barry McMahon, Senior International Marketing Manager at LastPass When it comes to the workplace, who would have thought that your identity would be so important? Yet, for IT security professionals, identity and access management is an ongoing thorn in their side, particularly when organisations lack the necessary tools to keep data secure. In the office, your identity ensures that you have access to the right resources and that you can work securely and uninterrupted....

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Dissecting BioStar2’s Vulnerabilities: Biometric Databases As The New Target.

By Danielle VanZandt, Industry Analyst, Security, Frost & Sullivan The significant breach and vulnerabilities recently discovered by vpnMentor researchers within Suprema’s BioStar 2 database are enough to scare any potential end user away from biometric security measures. With potentially over 1 million fingerprint biometrics and user passwords exposed in the breach, BioStar 2 has become the first major example of how biometric access still has its own vulnerabilities that vendors, integrators, and end users must...

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John Potts Head of DPO, DSAR and Breach Support, Incident Response Management and Data Subject Rights

One year on from the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it is becoming clear that when it comes to Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR), organisations are confused regarding a desire to balance the rights of an individual with the needs of an organisation, John Potts (Head of DPO DSAR and Breach Support) GRCI Law, outlines the essential processes that companies must put in place to avoid falling foul of DSAR breach....

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AJ Thompson, CCO of Northdoor plc

Organisations are increasingly aware that they should take their own cyber security and compliance requirements seriously. However, what security measures are in place for their third parties? Securing Internal Systems Now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force, organisations have become conscious of the significant legal requirements imposed by GDPR and the business risks posed by cyber security breaches. Many have begun to devote substantial resources to identifying and eliminating internal...

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1Password, a leading password manager, today announced their B2B revenue has risen more than 300% over the last two years, as businesses rush to find solutions to rampant data and privacy breaches. A recent report from the Identity Theft Resource Center identified over 1,100 breaches in 2018, exposing over half a billion passwords. Additionally, IBM research puts the average cost of a breach at a staggering $3.86 million. According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach...

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Contis Establishes PSD2-Ready, Automated Fraud Detection In Record Time With Featurespace.

Featurespace, the leading provider of Adaptive Behavioral Analytics for fraud detection and risk management, announced the seamless, 92-day, on-premise enterprise delivery of its ARIC Fraud Hub with Contis, an award-winning banking, payments and processing solution provider. Contis selected Featurespace's ARIC Fraud Hub in late 2018 to detect and prevent transactional fraud in real-time and began its integration in January 2019. Within three months, Featurespace and Contis completed deployment and training within Contis' existing fraud prevention...

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Consumers International Statistics

Nine of out ten British consumers believe that there should be legal privacy and security standards that connected device manufacturers must comply with, according to new research. The study, conducted by IPSOS Mori on behalf of the Internet Society and Consumers International, polled over six thousand consumers across the globe, revealed that the majority (88%) of consumers believe that retailers have a responsibility to ensure the devices they sell come with solid privacy and security...

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