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Round Tables

Round Table: Confident Cyber Security

The Eskenzi Cyber Book and Film Club take a look at Jessica Barker’s book ‘Confident Cyber Security: How to Get Started in Cyber Security and Futureproof Your Career,’ an easy-to-read, jargon-busting guide on the world of cybersecurity. Javvad Malik – Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4, hosts the roundtable and is joined by Jessica Barker, Stephen Khan – Head of Tech and Cyber Security Risk at HSBC and Chair of ClubCISO, and Ben Koppelman – Research & Innovation Lead at...

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Round Table: The Smartest Person in the Room

The Eskenzi Cyber Book and Film Club delves into some of the themes that emerge from Christian Espinosa’s best-selling book, ‘The Smartest Person in the Room: The Root Cause and New Solution for Cybersecurity’. Chaired by co-founder of Eskenzi PR, Neil Stinchcombe, Christian is joined by Stephen Khan – Head of Tech and Cyber Security Risk at HSBC and Chair of ClubCISO as well as Erika Lance – Senior VP of People Operations at KnowBe4. Together, they discuss: The value of cybersecurity certification and training How...

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Cyber Panel - Tech Spotlight

Ransomware attacks and nation-state assaults on vaccine supply chains are only two of the many challenges healthcare cyber professionals have been hit with as a result of COVID-19. How were these challenges overcome? More importantly, though, what challenges are healthcare cyber professionals facing in a post-Pandemic world? The Israeli Economic and trade Missions in London and Washington, DC have teamed up to launch a cybersecurity panel focusing on exactly that: “Post-Pandemic Healthcare: Greatest challenges facing...

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