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Password Security

What if I told you that 1.5% of publicly leaked passwords were still being used to sign in to Microsoft accounts? It doesn’t sound like much, but it actually equates to 44 million users still using leaked passwords for their Microsoft accounts. This is what the Microsoft research team found when it performed a scan of its user and Azure AD accounts versus the three billion publicly leaked credentials for the first quarter of the...

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Black Friday Gifts

Black Friday is here, and deals are popping up all over the internet. Consumers are browsing for the most generous discounts, their inboxes flooded with promotional emails alerting them of cheap flights to exotic locations available for a fraction of the cost. But while the prospect of acquiring a new smartphone at a slashed price may appealing, the cybersecurity community is all but confident that things will run smoothly for customers, who will be targeted...

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personal information

4iQ, the leader in Identity Intelligence, today released data from recently completed research focusing on Americans' attitudes about cybersecurity breaches and the efforts that organizations make to mitigate breaches' effects on identity theft. The findings indicate that a large proportion of Americans (44%) believe their personally identifiable information (PII) has been stolen as a result of a data breach. A strong majority (63%) are concerned that prior breaches could lead to future identity fraud, and a significant number (37%)...

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Cyber Security Connect UK

Cyber Security Connect UK (CSC UK), the leading exclusive conference and industry forum for chief information security officers (CISOs) kicks off today (13th November) and runs until 15th November in Monaco. This second edition event will see more than 200 of the UK's top CISOs selected from a range of industries including finance, retail and legal, as well as representatives from government bodies gather to discuss the most current cand challenging cybersecurity trends. The exclusive annual event is...

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Dr Leila Powell, Lead Security Data Scientist, Panaseer

As a data scientist I cannot solve business problems if appropriate data is not available. However, this is the situation faced by security leaders on a daily basis – they have to make strategic decisions, which will impact their cyber security posture, without having access to the  insights they need. How can they overcome the twin challenges of a lack of visibility (not enough of the right information) and a lack of confidence (untrusted information)?...

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Windows XP

It may be hard to remember today, but when Windows XP was released on Oct. 25, 2001, it was a revelation. Aimed at both consumers and businesses, it married a user-friendly interface with reliability, replacing clunky and crash-prone Windows 2000. When upgrades to the system became available in the ensuing years, many businesses and individuals decided they had sunk too much time and money into XP-compatible hardware and training to make switching worthwhile. In fact,...

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