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Tessian, the UK technology start-up transforming the way enterprises secure their communication channels, announced today that wealth services firm JTC has adopted the Tessian platform to reduce risks around email use. Recently listed on the London Stock Exchange, JTC has an ever increasing requirement to prevent data loss and has found a trusted and innovative technology partner in Tessian. The primary risk for JTC’s IT team was sensitive information being inadvertently sent to the wrong...

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The frequency of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in 2018 has surged in comparison to the previous year, making DDoS attacks a continuing major challenge for IT leaders and their teams. Growing in frequency, intensity and sophistication, the attacks delivery methods remain unchanged. Infected internet bots and vulnerable servers continue to create attacks of crushing scale against unprepared targets. With this in mind, Verisign, released its Q1 2018 DDoS Trends Report, which provides a...

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The size and strength of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks increased throughout 2013 against networks.   According to a report by Incapsula, 2013 saw a rapid increase in network DDoS attack volumes, which was facilitated by the adoption of new attack methods (NTP Amplification and Large SYN floods) and also by the development of Internet and specifically cloud infrastructures.   SYN combo attacks account for around 75 per cent of all large scale network DDoS events (attacks peaking...

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