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Network Security

These might be boom times for anyone involved in application containerisation but lurking just under the surface are a host of security issues that development teams are only now starting to get to grips with. It’s an old story for the security industry that has played out numerous times in the past: a new technology arrives on the back of big promises and for a while security gets pushed to the side in the excitement....

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Corero Network Security’s (LSE: CNS) today introduced SmartProtect, a new program to enable DDoS Protection-as-a-Service (DDPaaS) for hosting providers and  internet service providers (ISPs) to deliver to their customer base. With SmartProtect, providers take advantage of Corero’s SmartWall® Network Threat Defense (TDS) solution to successfully offer their downstream customers a managed DDoS security service that delivers advanced DDoS protection for these businesses and in turn, drive new service revenue. “Corero SmartProtect is a new program designed...

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