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The NSA recently issued an advisory to enterprises that adopt 'break and inspect' technologies to gain visibility over encrypted traffic, warning them of the potential risks of such an approach. In fact, decrypting and re-encrypting traffic through a proxy device, a firewall, intrusion detection or prevention systems (IDS/IPS) that that doesn't properly validate transport layer security (TLS) certificates, for instance, will weaken the end-to-end protection provided by the TLS encryption to the end-users, drastically increasing...

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Securonix, Inc., a leader in Next-Gen SIEM, announced a new, transparent pricing model with multiple deployment options for the Securonix Cloud platform. The pricing and deployment models enable customers to efficiently plan their deployment and estimate their potential cost savings as they decide to move to a SaaS-based deployment.   “As organizations move to SaaS-based security services, the overhead cost charged by vendors is a big concern,” said Sachin Nayyar, CEO, Securonix. “With the introduction of transparent pricing, Securonix is offering customers a predictable SaaS cost and the ability to pick the deployment option best suited for their needs. Customers can now plan, estimate, and manage their cost while taking advantage of...

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