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Security News

New technique designed to prevent medical imaging cyberthreats

A new artificial intelligence technique has been created to protect medical devices from malicious operating instructions in a cyberattack as well as other human and system errors. Tom Mahler, a researcher at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, presented his research, “A Dual-Layer Architecture for the Protection of Medical Devices from Anomalous Instructions” on August 26 at the 2020 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIME 2020). Complex medical devices such as CT (computed...

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The rise of Community-Powered Threat Hunting

Next-Gen SIEM provider, Securonix has announced availability of its SearchMore functionality that helps operations teams better detect and respond to threats that bypass preventative and detection controls. The company states that "SearchMore delivers the industry’s first Community-Powered Threat Hunting capability and provides the ability to search on real-time, streaming data, as well as long-term data." CEO Sachin Nayyar elaborated: “This is a huge step in cybersecurity monitoring. With a combination of cloud-native and big data...

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Who are the new heads at NCSC and MI6?

Lindy Cameron, the first woman CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre – a public facing division of GCHQ and primary technical authority on cybersecurity - is replacing its first CEO, Ciaran Martin, when he steps down on 31 August. Cameron will then formally become CEO in October following a handover period. Cameron has excellent credentials for the role with more than twenty years’ experience in national security policy and crisis management. These include responsibility...

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Untrained and Malicious Users Biggest Cause for Concern Among UK IT Professionals

Following on the success of last year’s global report, KnowBe4 has today released the findings of ‘The 2020 What Keeps You Up at Night Report”. This year, KnowBe4 delves into the issues that specifically trouble UK-based organisations and IT experts, including attack types, security initiatives as well as organisational constraints. An in-depth analysis examined just how prepared these organisations are in managing such cyber threats, risks and concerns.   The report compiled information gathered from...

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Angry employee

A brand-new Insider Threat Report authored by Shareth Ben, director of insider threat and cyber threat analytics at Securonix has found that employees deemed “flight risks” are linked to around 60% of the insider threat incidents detected. Ben explained in the report that flight risks are those employees about to terminate employment with the company for various reasons and can be determined by Securonix’s advanced user behaviour analytics. The Securonix Threat Research Team analysed hundreds...

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In the span of a couple months, the world as we knew it was turned upside-down. As scientists across the globe conduct experiments in search of the COVID-19 vaccine, the labour market has found itself within its own experiment. That is, the experiment of remote working on a massive scale.   In an effort to slow down the spread of the virus, millions of employees around the world are being told to write their emails, compile their spreadsheets, and hold their meetings from the confines of their dining room...

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One Identity Offers Free Privileged Session Management Capability to Support Critical Infrastructure Providers

As emergency services, public health organisations, utilities and other critical organisations rush to enable as many remote workers as possible, best practices for keeping users secure have understandably become an ongoing challenge. Any organisation relies on privileged IT users to configure systems and perform vital functions so their enterprise stays up and running. If this privileged access is not controlled as it shifts to remote administration, organizations face heightened risk. Un-managed privileged access opens the...

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Woman in grey working from home

Given the current state of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus and many organizations mandating or recommending that employees work from home, KnowBe4 has a few security recommendations: Be on the lookout for emails or text messages related to COVID-19 and confirm the information directly with the vendor, bank or your boss. If an employee will be using shared equipment that their family also uses at home, ensure that the latest security updates are installed. Conduct a...

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World and data

Jan Karremans, Director of Sales Engineering at EnterpriseDB Disruption has come to the role of the database administrator (DBA). Automation is eating up tasks typically completed by a DBA – and the technology is evolving to become ever smarter, ever more capable. This automation has sparked concern that humans will inevitably become redundant in running databases.  Already, cloud services have threatened to render the role obsolete. Now, with automation infiltrating more and more areas of...

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