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Women in Cyber 2020

Over the years, the cybersecurity industry has steadily worked to break down the stereotype of men coding in hoodies. However, while there has no doubt been progress within the field, it simply is not moving fast enough. The perception that such technical job roles are reserved for men continues to persist and the unwelcoming culture this fosters dissuades women from sticking around, or even considering cybersecurity as a career path in the first place. Indeed, according to a 2019 report by (ISC)^2, women comprise only 24% of the cybersecurity workforce.

We need to do better to make cybersecurity appeal to women. The barriers to entry as well as structural deterrents in employment must be removed. We need to change perceptions of the industry and more importantly, we need role models for other women to aspire to.

Specifically, role models in the shape of women who have had demonstrable success in the sector or are driving the changes necessary to redress the current imbalance, as they form an important part of changing perceptions of the industry.

Which is why, on Wednesday the 28th October, the 25 most inspiring women in cybersecurity in the UK for 2020 will be honoured in an online event designed to highlight their achievements and inspire the next generation of women active in or considering a career in cybersecurity.

Nominees were a mix of those entering the competition independently on the IT Security Guru website and those nominated by our esteemed panel of judges, representing different aspects of the industry.

This event will be hosted by the IT Security Guru, with the generous support from our sponsors:

Platinum Sponsor: BT Security, Kaspersky

Gold Sponsor: BAE Systems; KnowBe4

Silver Sponsor: ISC(2)

In addition to finding out who the top 25 women are – each of whom has been invited to submit their own video – there will also be a panel discussion.


Join Us for the Virtual Event

Wednesday 28th October 2020

2020/10/28 18:30:00


“I don’t want to be recognised as a woman in cyber, but as a person in cyber.”

Is there a need for women’s lists in this industry? What are the benefits of promoting role models, and what other steps can be taken to encourage more women to join and succeed in cybersecurity? In this panel discussion, we ask six inspiring women within the cybersecurity industry for their thoughts on these very questions and more…


With the Platinum support of ...

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