Sunday , 17 December 2017
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Here’s a Hub For Global Cybersecurity Expertise – and It’s Not Where You Think

An unexpected location is making a serious case as a worldwide centre of excellence in cybersecurity: Ireland. Cybersecurity activity in Ireland covers a thriving ecosystem, from multinationals at the cutting edge of cloud and mobile security, to indigenous companies working in a range of industries and with a variety of technologies, to academic research and education in computer forensics, privacy, network analysis and security analytics software. A 2016 report by consultants Deloitte found that Ireland ranks as a potential location of choice for global cybersecurity activity with other well regarded hubs including Israel, Canada, Australia and India.

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  • Jon Cowden

    It only makes since, if you look at the actual commodity of the area, and that is war and conflict. What better breeding grounds for some of the best pieces of malware, obfuscation, and good ol persistence. After all, they are just tools for war. With the current Dissident Irish Republican campaign, the IRA is battling the British, whom have seen the light of recent with their increasing exposure with all of then troves of leaks spewing forth from the United State’s Intel Contractors and salaried workers like confessions to some mythical being that magically makes everything better! Brittan is gearing up for cyber-war.. some even intelligently by taking in grey-hats whom have expressed interest in another way… So as the puppeteers have so moved the pawns out of the paths… Hegelian Dialectic dictates that nature will, in turn, produce itself a solution. Bring in the IRA “Red Hats”