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Saks Fifth Avenue Leaves Personal Information of Thousands of Customers Exposed Online

Luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue reportedly left the personal information of tens of thousands of its customers exposed in plain text on its online shopping site. BuzzFeed News reports that customers’ e-mail addresses and phone numbers were, up until recently, visible on Saks’ retail website “in plain text online”. The Saks website is maintained by the digital division of Hudson’s ... Read More »

Hackers breach travel trade agency ABTA

A cyber attack on the website of the UK’s largest travel trade agency, ABTA, has affected 43,000 people including 1000 holidaymakers. The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) claimed hackers had broken through the web servers that host the organisation’s website. Around 1,000 files are said to have been accessed by the hack which include personal identity data of people ... Read More »

AppRiver’s Predictions for Q3

So far, 2016 has been a pretty hectic year for cybersecurity professionals – and a lucrative one for hackers. We’ve had some big breaches, massive downtimes and a plethora of e-mail scams. So what can we expect as we head into the second half of what has already been a tumultuous year for the cyber landscape? We’ve got this video ... Read More »

Hackers invade Democrats’ servers, steal entire Trump opposition file

A hack on the Democratic National Committee has given attackers access to a massive trove of data, including all opposition research into presidential candidate Donald Trump and almost a year’s worth of private e-mail and chat messages, according to a published report. In an article published Wednesday, The Washington Post reported that researchers with CrowdStrike, the security firm DNC officials ... Read More »

Cluster of “megabreaches” compromises a whopping 642 million passwords

Less than two weeks after more than 177 million LinkedIn user passwords surfaced, security researchers have discovered three more breaches involving MySpace, Tumblr, and dating website Fling that all told bring the total number of compromised accounts to more than 642 million. “Any one of these 4 I’m going to talk about on their own would be notable, but to ... Read More »

65 million Tumblr users’ email addresses, passwords sold on dark web

Email addresses and hashed and salted passwords of 65 million Tumblr users are being sold online by “peace_of_mind,” aka “Peace”, the individual that recently offered for sale LinkedIn users’ data dating back to a 2012 breach. The account credentials stolen from Tumblr are also old – according to researcher Troy Hunt, they were stolen in the site’s February 2013 breach. ... Read More »

Phineas Fisher’s Account of How He Broke Into Hacking Team Servers

Almost a year after carrying out his attacks, the hacker behind the Hacking Team data breach has published a step-by-step explainer on how he breached the company’s servers and stole all their data. Known as Phineas Fisher (past moniker FinFisher), the hacker posted a PasteBin over the weekend, in which he reveals how the attack unfolded, the tools he used, ... Read More »

FBI lawyer refuses to say whether data extracted from San Bernardino iPhone is ‘useful’

During an interview at Tuesday’s International Association of Privacy Professionals conference in Washington, FBI lawyer James A. Baker said data extracted from an iPhone linked to San Bernardino terror suspect Syed Rizwan Farook is being applied to the agency’s ongoing investigation, reports The New York Times. He was less forthcoming when asked if the phone contained useful information. “We’re still ... Read More »

Panama Papers leak blamed on email server hack

A serious server hack at Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca has led to the biggest information breach in recent years, with the release of of 2.6TB of data relating to some of the most powerful people in the world. The cache of 11.5 million leaked files – primarily emails, but also PDFs, text files and others – is being referred to as ... Read More »

Hackers breach Trump luxury hotel chain and steal customer credit card information

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s chain of luxury hotels is facing yet another possible breach. Hackers reportedly breached the Trump Hotel Collection, which includes more than a dozen properties around the world, and stole customer credit card information. According to cybersecurity specialist Brian Krebs, he noticed the hack when the financial and banking sector alerted him about certain patterns ... Read More »