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‘Very weak’ passwords put NHS hospitals at hacking risk

NHS hospitals are at risk of further devastating cyber attacks because staff are using “very weak” passwords, a new report reveals. Health chiefs warned that one in four official user accounts granting access to sensitive patient data and vital systems are inadequately protected, while many organisations are failing to update their security software. Around 10 per cent of administrator accounts, used ... Read More »

200 accounts ‘locked’: In Delhi’s first WannaCry attack, publishing firm hit

After the WannaCry ransomware cyber attack spread like wildfire and paralysed computer systems across the world, isolated incidents were reported from Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala and West Bengal. Now, the capital has seen its first ransomware cyber attack, with employees of Rachna Sagar Private Limited “locked” out of more than 200 computers. The cyber attack was reported on August 9 ... Read More »

Cyberattack on Scottish parliament ‘could last days’, MSPs warned

A cyberattack on the Scottish parliament’s IT systems could last several days, officials have warned. MSPs and staff were told some may be locked out of their email accounts after hackers launched a “brute force” cyberattack to crack passwords early on Tuesday. Parliament chief executive Sir Paul Grice said on Wednesday that Holyrood’s systems were still under attack, but added ... Read More »

TalkTalk fined £100k for exposing personal sensitive info

Blighty’s Information Commissioner’s Office has whacked TalkTalk with a £100,000 fine after the data of the records of 21,000 people were exposed to fraudsters in an Indian call centre. The breach came to light in September 2014 when TalkTalk started getting complaints from customers that they were receiving scam calls. Typically, the scammers pretended they were providing support for technical ... Read More »

A ghost story – The haunting presence of an ex-employee

Alvaro Hoyos,
CISO at OneLogin

From recruiting the most talented employees, to ensuring accounts are in order and providing staff with the latest technological innovations, businesses across the globe work tirelessly every day to strive for success. Lurking behind every policy, best practice and guideline, however, is a world that often gets neglected. What happens when someone leaves the company? Of course, in an ideal ... Read More »

Mimecast Report: 45 Million Emails Passed by Incumbent Email Security Systems, Nearly 25% are “Unsafe”

Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME), a leading email and data security company, today announced the results of its third quarterly Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA), a report of the results of tests which measure the effectiveness of incumbent email security systems. This quarter’s assessment noted a continued challenge of securing organizations from malicious attachments, dangerous files types, impersonation attacks, as well ... Read More »

Virgin America Hacked, Employee Passwords and Personal Information Compromised

Virgin America has confirmed in a letter sent to employees that its network was compromised by hackers, with data belonging to thousands of workers compromised and possibly stolen by the attackers. While an investigation is already under way, the airline did not provide any specifics about the hackers, saying instead that it’s working with law enforcement on determining how the ... Read More »

Sweden’s massive data leak was ‘a complete failure’ says PM Stefan Lofven

Sweden’s government has confirmed the massive data leak that is now considered to be the largest of its kind in history. The incident involved the Swedish government’s transportation agency accidentally leaking vast amounts of data, exposing personal and sensitive information of nearly every citizen. Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven sees the cybersecurity slip-up as “a disaster.” “What has happened is ... Read More »

The 2017 Fappening: Kylie Jenner Hacked, Nude Photos Could Be Leaked

Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat account got hacked on July 23, with the attackers, who got control of her account, threatening to post nude photos online.Messages posted on her Snapchat account after the breach called for followers of the 19-year-old scion of the Kardashian family to “RT for her nudes” and to “add for Kylie’s nudes,” though it’s not yet clear if ... Read More »

Wells Fargo data leak: Over 50,000 clients’ confidential details accidentally leaked in mailing error

Wells Fargo accidentally leaked thousands of sensitive documents of 50,000 clients to a former financial adviser who subpoenaed the bank as part of a defamation lawsuit against a bank employee. The New York Times reported on Friday (21 July) that Wells Fargo’s lawyer inadvertently sent 1.4GB worth of files to former Wells Fargo employee Gary Sinderbrand’s lawyer in a CD ... Read More »