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Parliament hit by cyber attack – Cyber Industry reaction

A cyber attack on Westminster has compromised up to 90 parliamentary email accounts officials have confirmed. The incident which took place over the weekend saw hackers launch a sustained and determined attempt to access MPs email accounts by searching for weak passwords. Parliamentary officials were forced to lock MPs out of their email accounts to reduce any potential damage from ... Read More »

Learning the lessons from cyber attacks

Vitali Kremez,
Director of Research, Flashpoint

Cybercriminals have been known to target businesses across all sectors. Recent high-profile cyber attacks have successfully breached well-known brands including telecoms providers, retailers and banks. Evidently, all industries are potentially vulnerable. As businesses become ever more negatively affected by cyber attacks, lessons need to be learnt and effective cyber defences implemented in order to protect businesses and their customers. The ... Read More »

CSI sees more than 1 million malicious attempts daily to get into its computer system

Every day, the College of Southern Idaho sees an average of 800,000 to 1.1 million malicious attempts to get into its computer network perimeter.   View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Magic Valley Read More »

Al Jazeera hack: Qatar-based media network hit by ‘systematic and continual’ hacking attempts

Al Jazeera Media Network said it suffered a massive cyberattack targeting its systems, websites and social media platforms, the company announced on Twitter on Thursday (8 June). The Doha-based Pan-Arab satellite media network said it was combating “systematic and continual” hacking attempts on its websites and digital platforms. “These attempts are gaining intensity and taking various forms,” Al Jazeera said ... Read More »

OneLogin attacker may have gotten ability to decrypt data

The implicit promise of password management and single sign-on services like OneLogin is that they keep your credentials safe and private so you won’t have to worry about remembering them or writing them down somewhere insecure. As such, it isn’t uncommon for these services themselves to be become the target of malicious attacks in order to pilfer their customers’ data. ... Read More »

US military data found unprotected on Amazon web server

More than 60,000 sensitive US military files have been found on a publicly accessible Amazon server by a security researcher. The files contained passwords for US government systems and the security credentials of a senior engineer at defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH). They were discovered by Upguard analyst Chris Vickery. In a statement, BAH said no classified data had ... Read More »

Health sector accounts for 43 percent of all UK data breaches, according to ICO data

Egress Software Technologies, a leading provider of data security services, has revealed that the UK health sector suffered a disproportionate number of data breach incidents between January 2014 and December 2016. In total, healthcare organisations suffered 2,447 incidents and accounted for 43 percent of all reported incidents in the time period. By comparison, the second highest was local government, with ... Read More »

Naked photos and personal info from thousands of plastic surgery patients including dozens of celebrities and 1,500 Britons are published on the dark web after a clinic was hacked

Hackers have published naked photos of thousands of plastic surgery patients who had work done at a Lithuanian clinic, it has been reported. Local authorities said more than 25,000 private photos and pieces of personal information from the Kaunas-based Grozio Chirurgija clinics were published on the internet. The leak includes intimate photos and data of more than 1,500 Brits, MailOnline ... Read More »

FICO Survey: Nearly One-Third of UK Firms Don’t Have Cybersecurity Insurance

Most UK firms in survey by FICO and Ovum say insurance industry should improve explanations of cybersecurity insurance pricing Highlights: 31 percent of UK executives surveyed say their firm has no cybersecurity insurance, compared to 40 percent in other countries surveyed Only 28 percent of UK firms surveyed have cybersecurity insurance that covers all risks 69 percent of respondents say ... Read More »

Cybersecurity Best Practices to Win the Game of Chasing Tails

Duncan Hughes,
Systems Engineering Director, EMEA, A10 Networks

When it comes to our cyber activity, it seems that we are playing a never-ending game of chasing tails with cyber criminals. The more our technologies advance and adapt, so criminals are finding new and sneakier ways to break into systems and take personal and sensitive data hostage. Unsuspecting industries such as healthcare and hospitality are unwittingly becoming the biggest ... Read More »