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What are universities doing to defend their cyberspace?

Hacking is a growing problem globally and attacks on all organisations, UK universities included, continue to increase. So, what is the higher education sector doing to combat the problem? A new survey* indicates that universities’ cyber security budgets are increasing rapidly, but investment alone is not enough to tackle the problem. Raising awareness of threats, what they look like and ... Read More »

Police chief Hamilton’s Twitter may have been hacked

The PSNI has said that Chief Constable George Hamilton’s Twitter account may have been “maliciously hacked”. The incident happened yesterday, with a number of other Twitter users asking why a tweet had been removed from his account. It is unclear what it referred to, but other tweets indicated it included a series of numbers. Detective Chief Inspector Michael Harvey, the ... Read More »

WikiLeaks new dump Imperial exposes 3 CIA hacking tools targeting Macs and Linux

WikiLeaks has published three new alleged CIA hacking tools as part of its new Vault 7 dump. The alleged CIA project dubbed “Imperial” includes three hacking tools named Achilles, Aeris and SeaPea that target Mac and Linux operating systems (OS). While Achilles and SeaPea target Mac OS, Aeris targets Linux.According to WikiLeaks’ documents, Achilles allows CIA’s agents to “trojan an OS X disk image (.dmg) ... Read More »

Over 28,000 devices decrypted and 100+ global partners – No More Ransom celebrates its first year

One year ago, on 25 July 2016, the No More Ransom initiative was launched by the Dutch National Police, Europol, McAfee and Kaspersky Lab. Today there are more than 100 partners, as major ransomware attacks continue to dominate the news, hitting businesses, governments and individuals all over the world. The threat of ransomware is escalating The number of ransomware incidents ... Read More »

Ransomware on the rise: how to prevent an attack

Karl Simpson,
CSO at Calligo

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that enterprises clearly need to take a long hard look at the cyber security they have in place.  One thing is clear – cyber threats now present a bigger risk to organisations than ever before.  Considering the huge growth in the number of new ransomware families (an increase of 752% ... Read More »

Facebook will spend over $500,000 to help Harvard fight election hacking

Facebook will reportedly help Harvard fight election hacking. The social media giant will reportedly spend $500,000 (£380,000) , as initial funding to a non-profit organisation that aims at protecting political parties and voting systems from hacking and propaganda attacks. The project, dubbed Defending Digital Democracy is also a bipartisan initiative and will reportedly be based at Harvard University’s Kennedy School ... Read More »

Hackers can now spy and track locations of phones using flaw in 3G and 4G LTE networks

New vulnerabilities recently found in 3G and 4G networks can reportedly allow hackers to spy, monitor and track locations of phones. Security researchers also reportedly believe that the flaw could pave the way for next-gen low-cost stingray devices. According to security experts Ravishankar Borgaonkar and Lucca Hirschi, who discussed their research at the BlackHat event in Las Vegas, the flaw ... Read More »

IT Security Professionals Foresee an Escalation in DDoS Attacks Throughout the Rest of 2017

IT security professionals have predicted that DDoS attacks will become more frequent and devastating in the year ahead, with many already preparing for attacks that could disrupt the UK’s Brexit negotiations and cause outages worldwide, according to new research from Corero Network Security, a leading provider of real-time DDoS defence solutions. More than half (57%) of respondents to the survey, which ... Read More »

Security Serious Interview with Katie Sanderson: Social Media Saviour 2016

Katie Sanderson, Cyber Security Social Media Manager for Lockcode Limited and South East Cyber, was last year’s Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards Social Media Saviour, so I wanted to see how life has changed in the realm of cyber a year on from her achievement. Katie has been fantastic in helping amplify the Security Serious message and encourages everyone of all ages to ... Read More »

Is the CEO to blame for a Data Breach? Infosec professionals have spoken!

The past year has seen attacks like Wannacry and Petya cause worldwide disruption, with countless data breaches harming household names. The damage to reputation, and increased public scrutiny, coupled with the average cost of a data breach now estimated at $3.62 million globally, can severely cripple a business to the brink of bankruptcy. So, if a data breach occurs, who ... Read More »