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Cyber amateurs prevent connected house from real-time home invasion

Last week, 42 cyber security amateurs prevented a cyber-savvy burglar from breaking into an Internet of Things (IoT)-connected home, in an ultra-realistic simulated competition run by security consultancy Roke and Cabinet Office-backed Cyber Security Challenge UK. The competition sought to find the UK’s best, hidden cyber talent and encourage them into jobs on the frontline of the UK’s cyber defence. ... Read More »

Data of Google Employees Exposed in Sabre Breach

The personal details of a small number of Google staffers have been exposed, according to a notification letter Google has started sending to affected employees. The breach didn’t take place because of Google’s lack of security measures, but occurred off-site, via a travel and hotel reservations platform. Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), one of the companies Google uses to make hotel arrangements for ... Read More »

Hackers are offering to sell the Medicare details of Australians on the dark web, government confirms

Hackers are selling the Medicare card numbers of Australians on the ‘dark web’, which could be used to steal private health records. The Federal Government has confirmed it’s urgently investigating the security breach and has referred the matter to the Australian Federal Police. A journalist from The Guardian revealed he was able to purchase his own Medicare card details from a vendor ... Read More »

Fraudster Made £100K from Online Banking Bug

An online fraudster has been jailed after pocketing nearly £100,000 by exploiting a glitch in his online banking platform. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Info Security Magazine Read More »

Al Jazeera hack: Qatar-based media network hit by ‘systematic and continual’ hacking attempts

Al Jazeera Media Network said it suffered a massive cyberattack targeting its systems, websites and social media platforms, the company announced on Twitter on Thursday (8 June). The Doha-based Pan-Arab satellite media network said it was combating “systematic and continual” hacking attempts on its websites and digital platforms. “These attempts are gaining intensity and taking various forms,” Al Jazeera said ... Read More »

Bodies Held to Ransom – Tsar Team Hack

This week saw thousands of private photos leaked online, following the hack of a Lithuanian cosmetic surgery clinic. The cybercriminals, who have dubbed themselves the ‘Tsar Team’, have leaked images they claim come directly from the Grozio Chirurgija clinic services. This follows the group holding the images, many of which were sensitive in nature, to ransom. Dozens of people approached ... Read More »

OneLogin attacker may have gotten ability to decrypt data

The implicit promise of password management and single sign-on services like OneLogin is that they keep your credentials safe and private so you won’t have to worry about remembering them or writing them down somewhere insecure. As such, it isn’t uncommon for these services themselves to be become the target of malicious attacks in order to pilfer their customers’ data. ... Read More »

US military data found unprotected on Amazon web server

More than 60,000 sensitive US military files have been found on a publicly accessible Amazon server by a security researcher. The files contained passwords for US government systems and the security credentials of a senior engineer at defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH). They were discovered by Upguard analyst Chris Vickery. In a statement, BAH said no classified data had ... Read More »

Liverpool One shopping centre screen ‘hacked’

A large digital billboard outside a Liverpool shopping centre was apparently defaced by hackers on 29 May. “We suggest you improve your security. Sincerely, your friendly neighbourhood hackers,” a message on the screen read. It was posted on a large outdoor display at the Liverpool One shopping centre in the city. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Read More »

A suspected Russian hacker in the Czech Republic is one step closer to being extradited to the US — but Russia wants him back, too

A Russian suspected hacker has moved a step closer to being sent to the US as a Czech judge gave tentative approval for an extradition to go ahead, during a court hearing held inside a high-security prison in Prague. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: Business Insider   Read More »