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Groupon hacked: Industry reaction

Groupon users have reported that fraudsters gained illegal access to their accounts and placed unauthorised purchases in their names. The hackers allegedly used login details from other data breaches to hack into individual customers’ Groupon accounts. Here is what the industry makes of the data breach: Rob Sobers, director at Varonis: “Today’s news is the result of billions of compromised ... Read More »

TalkTalk pays CEO Dido Harding $4.1 million in year firm hit by cyber attack

The chief executive of TalkTalk received 2.8 million pounds ($4.1 million) in pay and share bonuses for the last 12 months, despite the telecoms company suffering a cyber attack in October that put the data of thousands of customers at risk. Dido Harding, who received 550,000 pounds in base pay, said she would donate her 220,000 pound annual cash bonus ... Read More »

Q&A with David Venable, Masergy

The Guru was lucky enough to get this Q&A with ex-NSA analyst and current VP of cybersecurity at Masergy David Venable – here’s what we found out. Can you tell me a little about insider threats – how much of a problem are they? While the entire threat landscape is changing dramatically with the increased sophistication of adversaries, nation state ... Read More »

DDoS attack leaves TeamViewer users in the dark

TeamViewer customers are still unable to access the company’s remote support services 24 hours after the company suffered a DDoS attack. According to IT Pro sources, the service, which allows IT teams to remotely access users’ desktops in order to resolve support issues, is inaccessible to businesses across the UK, Europe and the US. Sources said the company appears to ... Read More » hacked, may have lost crypto keys and some user data, the Scrum certification and training site run by Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber, appears to have contacted users to warn them of a nasty security breach. Reg reader “KB” has sent us an email sent to members and customers that says “On May 26, 2016, we noticed an issue with the website outgoing mail server.” “Upon investigation, we ... Read More »

Cluster of “megabreaches” compromises a whopping 642 million passwords

Less than two weeks after more than 177 million LinkedIn user passwords surfaced, security researchers have discovered three more breaches involving MySpace, Tumblr, and dating website Fling that all told bring the total number of compromised accounts to more than 642 million. “Any one of these 4 I’m going to talk about on their own would be notable, but to ... Read More »

British teenager hacks North Korea’s newly-launched Facebook site after guessing the login and password were set to ‘admin’ and ‘password’

A British teenager has hacked North Korea’s version of Facebook just days after it was launched. Andrew McKean, 18, from Scotland, gained access to the site by correctly guessing the login and password were set to ‘admin’ and ‘password’. The college student was then able to take control of the page and promptly changed the advertising boxes so they read: ... Read More »

Phineas Fisher’s Account of How He Broke Into Hacking Team Servers

Almost a year after carrying out his attacks, the hacker behind the Hacking Team data breach has published a step-by-step explainer on how he breached the company’s servers and stole all their data. Known as Phineas Fisher (past moniker FinFisher), the hacker posted a PasteBin over the weekend, in which he reveals how the attack unfolded, the tools he used, ... Read More »

FBI lawyer refuses to say whether data extracted from San Bernardino iPhone is ‘useful’

During an interview at Tuesday’s International Association of Privacy Professionals conference in Washington, FBI lawyer James A. Baker said data extracted from an iPhone linked to San Bernardino terror suspect Syed Rizwan Farook is being applied to the agency’s ongoing investigation, reports The New York Times. He was less forthcoming when asked if the phone contained useful information. “We’re still ... Read More »

Turkey Breach Spills Info on More Than Half Its Citizens

THE NATION OF Turkey has been reeling from terrorist bombings in its biggest cities, a teeming refugee crisis, and a president who wants to rewrite its constitution to give himself more power. Now, in the midst of those calamities, it’s also been hit with what appears to be an enormous data breach, one that affects the majority of the country’s ... Read More »