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EU Commission Puts Pressure on Social Media Giants

The EU Commission has put pressure on social media giants to crack down on illegal content. Read full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: InfoSecurity Magazine Read More »

Are Bored Employees the Biggest Security Risk?

In an Infosec survey, Centrify have revealed that distractions and boredom are the main causes of human error in IT. Read Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Information Age Read More »

Attacking critical infrastructure – the evolution of kinetic warfare

Eric O’ Neill,,
National Security Strategist, Carbon Black

I said earlier in 2017 I believed it was quite possible that in 2017 a major cyberattack will occur in either the United States, the United Kingdom, or another friendly country that will require a response equivalent to a kinetic attack. In other words, a cyberattack will occur that will be looked on as an act of war. To date, ... Read More »

Android app stores flooded with 1,000 spyware apps

Hackers have flooded Android app stores, including the official Google Play store, with over 1,000 spyware apps, which have the capability to monitor almost every action on an infected device. Dubbed SonicSpy, the malware can silently record calls and audio, take photos, make calls, send text messages to numbers specified by the attackers, and monitor calls logs, contacts, and information ... Read More »

Biological malware: Scientists use DNA to hack a computer

Scientists at the University of Washington in Seattle, have successfully been able to code a malware program into a DNA sample and use it to hack into a computer that was studying it. By doing this, they have exposed a weakness in systems that could lead to hackers taking control of computers in research centres, universities and laboratories, reports MIT ... Read More »

A ghost story – The haunting presence of an ex-employee

Alvaro Hoyos,
CISO at OneLogin

From recruiting the most talented employees, to ensuring accounts are in order and providing staff with the latest technological innovations, businesses across the globe work tirelessly every day to strive for success. Lurking behind every policy, best practice and guideline, however, is a world that often gets neglected. What happens when someone leaves the company? Of course, in an ideal ... Read More »

My Time at Infosec Europe 2017

Robert Schifreen, CEO,

If you attended Infosec in London last month, you may have seen the panel discussion that I was part of.  It took place on the exhibition floor and was also streamed throughout the show.  The topic was social engineering and I was sharing the stage with a number of experts on the subject. One of them was Jenny Radcliffe, who ... Read More »

Westfield CIO: Data And Personalisation Are Key To Shopping Centre Survival

Shopping is fast becoming an online activity, but Westfield has a plan to keep consumers coming back to its two London facilities. View Full Story  ORIGINAL SOURCE: Silicon UK Read More »

The Infosecurity Europe IT Security Guru Awards 2017

This year IT Security Guru, ranked among one of the leading information security websites you should be reading, will be conducting its Infosecurity Awards at the Infosecurity Europe exhibition in London between 06-08 June 2017. IT Security Guru has four categories in which all those attending Infosecurity Europe can vote for: Best Stand Best Newcomer Best Giveaway Best Speaker If ... Read More »

FireMon Announces Industry’s First Intelligent Cloud Security Management Solution

FireMon today announced that its market leading Intelligent Security Management, which helps organizations worldwide centrally manage their on-premises firewalls, is available for cloud and native cloud firewalls. From traditional, on-premises or cloud firewalls such as Juniper Networks®, Palo Alto Networks® or Cisco®, to native cloud security controls like Amazon Web Services, regardless of what an enterprise’s security environment looks like, ... Read More »