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Are Wikileaks and ransomware the precursors to mass extortion?

Rob Sobers, director,

Despite Julian Assange’s promise not to let Wikileaks’ “radical transparency” hurt innocent people, an investigation found that the whistleblowing site has published hundreds of sensitive records belonging to ordinary citizens, including medical files of rape victims and sick children. The idea of having all your secrets exposed, as an individual or a business, can be terrifying. Whether you agree with ... Read More »

Study finds smart home tech gaining in popularity, yet still woefully insecure

The non-profit prpl Foundation today unveiled its global study on the use of smart devices in a domestic setting entitled, “The prpl Foundation Smart Home Security Report.”  The one-of-a-kind study, which was conducted through OnePoll, covers the proliferation of smart device use and security within the home.  It surveyed 1,200 respondents across the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan ... Read More »

AppRiver on the MySpace & LinkedIn Data Breaches

Join the experts from AppRiver as they run thourgh some of the details of the MySpace and LinkedIn breaches of late, which saw millions of account details compromised. Also worth considering is how these braches can impact peoples’ lives, given what we’ve seen in the past with some large-scale breaches. With compromised details, consumers become highly susceptible to fraud and ... Read More »

Open Source software now enables gov.uk sites to be deployed rapidly

UK government websites can now be deployed within minutes by re-using the familiar http//gov.uk theme produced by Government Digital Services (GDS) along with Bootstrap technology, allowing access from all devices. Open Source Software specialist OpusVL has made it possible to take the official Gov.UK website theme created by Government Digital Services with an Open license, and reproduce it quickly and ... Read More »

ITSG Goes to HackFu 2016 with MWR InfoSecurity

Not long ago, the Guru received news from MWR InfoSecurity that they were hosting an elite cybersecurity event in the South of England. We sent Dulcie down to see what was happening, as challenges kicked off and 100 experts were tasked with defusing 5 nuclear bombs within 48 hours. To learn more about MWR InfoSecurity, visit: https://www.mwrinfosecurity.com Follow them on ... Read More »

AppRiver: How much money have companies been paying?

Join AppRiver’s experts Troy Gill, Fred Touchette and Jon French for another close-up on the findings of their Global Security Report. This week, we’re analysing what companies have actually been paying in light of cyber attacks. It turns out the answer is a LOT. Rsearch shows potentially billions of dollars has been lost through wire transfer fraud, ransom payments and ... Read More »

Uh-oh! Critical vulnerability in Symantec’s core scan engine – industry reaction

Symantec’s core scan engine has a critical vulnerability which lets attackers remotely execute code on a victim’s machine just by sending them an email or a link. The victim doesn’t even need to open it. It just has to be scanned by the AV program. The scan engine uses a filter driver to intercept I/O operations at the kernel level. In its advisory, Symantec acknowledged the ... Read More »

Threat of Mobile Malware Persists as Attacks Targeting iOS Devices Increase

Check Point today published its latest Threat Index, highlighting the most prevalent malware families being used to attack organisations’ networks and mobile devices globally in April 2016. Check Point identified 2,000 unique malware families during April, which was more than a 50 percent increase on the previous month. The findings revealed a wide range of threats that organisations’ networks face ... Read More »

South American company increases superior threat intelligence and consultancy in Britain

Tempest Security Intelligence , a leading provider of highly specialised information security consulting services to large and medium sized organisations in the public and private sector, has today announced an expanded presence in the United Kingdom. Raising £5.5 million (R$28.2 million), Tempest will be increasing its employees to 160 across its London and Brazilian offices in order to better meet ... Read More »

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Botnet

Dave Larson,
Corero Network Security

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll…bring your web application offline! The possibility of a business being targeted by some huge zombie army, or botnet, is enough to send shivers down the spine of many seasoned security veterans. Modern botnets are of vast size and power, with more sophisticated features and capabilities than ever before. Modern botnet attacks can be ... Read More »