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Targeted malware used against Polish banks

Several Polish banks have been hacked by unknown attackers. The threat is delivered sneakily, via a watering hole attack, whereby a trusted but compromised website redirects to a landing page (the Polish Financial Supervision Authority) boobytrapped with an exploit. In a new blog post ESET deliver technical details of this, as-yet minimally documented, malware. Their key findings show: The website of the ... Read More »

Trouble ahead for smart cities, predicts Tripwire’s Rekha Shenoy

It was an event long predicted but when it finally happened security watchers were still taken aback. On 23 December 2015, three Ukrainian power companies suffered an unexpected, near simultaneous power outage that left at least 225,000 people without electricity just before Christmas, a bitterly cold time of the year. The incident affecting 30 sub-stations was bad enough but it ... Read More »

The Necurs Botnet

Necurs, thought to be one of the world’s largest botnets, returned online in June this year, and once again began to terrorize victims who got in its path. Necurs is responsible for millions in dollar losses linked to Locky ransomware and Dridex banking Trojan infections. In this short video, AppRiver’s experts discuss how they noticed and questioned the significant decrease in the virus ... Read More »

Social Engineering’s Role in Malicious Macros and OLE

What makes macros malware so dangerous is the fact that their authors use the macro power for creating bits of code that can download and execute malicious files when the documents are run on a victims machine. Moreover, recently even the Office object linking and embedding (OLE) capabilities have been misused to trick users into enabling and downloading harmful content. In this ... Read More »

New spyware detected targeting firms in Russia, China: Symantec

A previously unknown hacking group variously dubbed “Strider” or “ProjectSauron” has carried out cyber-espionage attacks against select targets in Russia, China, Iran, Sweden, Belgium and Rwanda, security researchers said on Monday. The group, which has been active since at least 2011 and could have links to a national intelligence agency, uses Remsec, an advanced piece of hidden malware, Symantec researchers ... Read More »

Oracle MICROS payment terminal biz hacked. Payments worldwide at risk

The systems of the Oracle MICROS payment terminals division have been infected by a malware, systems worldwide are potentially at risk. The hack that I’m going to tell you could have a serious and a huge impact, the systems of the Oracle MICROS payment terminals division have been infected. MICROS is among the top three point-of-sale vendors worldwide, Oracle acquired MICROS ... Read More »

Lastline tops Breach Detection Study by NSS Labs

Lastline has been recognized as the top security effectiveness performer in the NSS Labs 2016 Breach Detection Group Test. NSS Labs’ latest Breach Detection Systems (BDS) Test saw seven of the leading BDS vendors were examined for security effectiveness, performance, and total cost of ownership: Check Point, Cisco, FireEye, Fortinet, Lastline, Palo Alto Networks and Trend Micro – with a ... Read More »

How to Protect Yourself or Organization from Malware

Ransomware is one of the most infuriating kinds of cyber attack that’s cropped up over recent years, with hackers raking it in from hapless comouter users who just want their files back. Whilst we all hope for a perfect online community where such things wouldn’t happen, it’s evident that future is a long way away. So the team at AppRiver have ... Read More »

Researchers Crack Mad Max Botnet’s DGA

Researchers at Arbor Networks, the security division of Netscout, recently managed to crack the heavy obfuscated domain generation algorithm (DGA) of Mad Max, a targeted Trojan that has created a botnet of infected machines in sixteen countries. The malware itself hasn’t been detailed as of now, but researchers did manage to find all of the domains that the threat has ... Read More »

Report – JavaScript attachments lead an explosion of malicious message volume

Proofpoint has today published its Quarterly Threat Report which analyses attacks across email, mobile and social across the last three months. The first five months of 2016 were dominated by malicious email campaigns of unprecedented volume. New ransomware variants emerged quickly. Meanwhile, Dridex actors began distributing Locky ransomware and repeatedly shifted tactics with new loaders, document attachment types, and obfuscation ... Read More »