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Skills shortage or skills wastage? Is your business squandering IT talent?

Alvaro Hoyos, Chief Information Security Officer,

Businesses are under constant pressure to improve operational efficiency. Overheads are continuously scrutinised, with departments tasked with reducing margins year-on-year, and it is the IT department that is under the most pressure to deliver these efficiencies. Digital transformation is hyped as the answer to deliver increased efficiencies, gain competitive advantage and change, for the better, how businesses interact and communicate ... Read More »

Druva Reveals 2017 AWS Cloud Data Protection Survey

Druva, the global leader in cloud data protection and management, today announced the results of its Druva 2017 AWS Cloud Data Protection Survey, which reveals a disconnect between the perceptions of cloud data protection and its reality. The survey solicited insights from IT professionals across 20 industries, including technology, energy, financial and healthcare, regarding the state of Amazon Web Services ... Read More »

Protecting data against attacks – cyber and otherwise.

Dirk Paessler, CEO,

Passwords are continuously being stolen and sold on the Internet for profit. This is leading to larger and more dangerous attacks, with a range of high-profile companies suffering from data breaches. Experts have estimated that over 300 billion username and password combinations will be at risk of being hacked, stolen and sold on the dark web by 2020. LinkedIn, for ... Read More »

Attackers turn sights on healthcare websites

Healthcare IT specialists take note: Websites in this critical market became the most highly attacked of all sectors in third-quarter 2017, registering 1,526 incidents per day on average. That’s nearly a third higher than the next favorite target, finance, which averaged 1,014 incidents per day, while technology takes the third spot with 660. Those are among the topline findings in ... Read More »

Increased cyber security investment will be needed to address a number of critical challenges in 2018, warns BOHH Labs

According to the latest research from Gartner, spending on information security services will reach $93 billion in 2018, an increase of eight per cent from 2017. Cybersecurity expert Simon Bain from BOHH Labs suggests that this increased investment will be required to address a number of critical challenges in the year ahead. This includes rising website attacks, chatbot technology threats ... Read More »

Half of IT professionals question the safety of their personal data, Kaspersky Lab research finds

IT decision makers across Europe are worried about how many organisations can access their personal data and have low levels of trust in the IT security capabilities of their industry peers.. These are key findings from Kaspersky Lab’s study, “From overwhelmed to empowered, the IT department’s journey towards good data health”, which reveals that only half (55 per cent) of ... Read More »

WatchGuard Uncovers Surge in Script-based Attacks Amid Spike in Overall Malware Volume

WatchGuard’s latest quarterly Internet Security Report, which explores the  computer and network security threats affecting small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and distributed enterprises, has revealed massive increases in scripting attacks and overall malware attempts against midsize companies throughout Q3 2017. Scripting threats, includimg JavaScript and Visual Basic Script attacks, accounted for 68 percent of all malware during Q3, while total ... Read More »

CyberArk Survey: 50 Percent of Organisations Did Not Disclose Data Breaches to Customers

According to a new CyberArk survey, half of organisations (50 percent) did not fully inform customers when their personal data was compromised in a cyber attack. With enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) anticipated for May 2018, organisations that do not take action to improve transparency associated with breaches will face substantial consequences.   The findings are included ... Read More »

Threat Intelligence: Music or Noise?

Anthony Perridge, Regional Director,

During my college days, I played guitar in a band and it was rarely easy. Practicing in my bedroom so that I could learn how to play the song correctly was difficult, but with time I sounded pretty good. However, delivering that same song in a harmonious way when playing with the entire band was another story. We had to ... Read More »

HP quick to issue updates following keylogger flaw

HP HAS has released updates for their products which removes a keylogger that was accidentally left in place within the driver for the touchpad. View Full Story ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Inquirer Read More »