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Cyber Mindfulness Corner

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Working in the electrical and data industry, mental health was long an afterthought or even entirely forgotten. It just was not seen as a business priority. Thankfully, that has now been turned on its head and the psychological wellbeing of staff is viewed in the light it should be - essential. We have made a significant effort, in terms of time and resource, to give our staff options on how they take care of their...

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In today's world, there are so many buzz words around work, from quiet quitting to Bare Minimum Mondays. But Sunday Scaries are the latest phenomenon. We all know the feeling: it's a Sunday evening and Monday morning looms, causing for many a feeling of anxiety. "Sunday Scaries" is defined as an anxiety experienced the day before returning to work. Although Sunday is in the name, the concept can be applied to any day of the...

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“We know that there’s a problem within the cybersecurity industry when it comes to burnout - and it’s a problem that’s only getting worse.” That’s what Yvonne Eskenzi, Co-Founder of wellbeing and productivity app The Zensory, has noticed over the past three decades in the industry. What’s changed in recent years? “To name a few things, there’s increased attack surfaces, more threats, and cybercriminals have become savvier,” notes Eskenzi. Concerned by the effect such problems...

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Improving Cyber Mindfulness with KnowBe4’s Anna Collard

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week which KnowBe4's Anna Collard says is the perfect time to pause, take a breath and think about cyber mindfulness. According to research, over half (52%) of people surveyed admitted that stress causes them to make more mistakes and 47% of those who had fallen for a phishing attack attributed it to being distracted.   To help encourage cyber mindfulness and reduce employees’ susceptibility to social engineering and phishing...

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In cybersecurity, a vulnerability is a weakness. It’s a bad thing. Defences must be strong, unbreakable, and hardened against threats 24/7. The same sentiment seems to extend to its professionals, whether we recognise it or not. As a result, a whole host of mental health issues run rife throughout the industry. We must change that. It’s time that we take a more human approach to the mental health and burnout crisis that plagues cybersecurity. First,...

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Introducing the IT Security Guru’s brand-new cyber mindfulness corner: a peer-to-peer hub full of advice for battling burnout, mental health support resources, and the latest cyber-mindfulness related news. We aim to champion a more mindful industry, alongside professionals who share the same vision.

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