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Calling all Cybersecurity Heroes for Unsung Heroes Awards!

The field of cybersecurity can be a somewhat unforgiving working environment. Bad actors will quite literally stop at nothing to wreak havoc for their own personal gain, financial or otherwise. Unfortunately, no public holiday or even pandemic, offers a hiatus from their malicious pursuits. Security professionals are burdened with unrelenting pressure to protect their organisation; all whilst likely understaffed. Moreover, keeping cyber safe is often an expectation that is taken for granted. It would seem...

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Open Sign

At the time of writing, the UK is on the long, anxious road back to normality as we continue to come slowly out of the nation-wide lockdown facilitated by the Covid-10 pandemic. Where questions a few months ago were related to how we can flatten the curve, protect the NHS and the economy, now the narrative surrounding Covid19 has changed to think about how we can consider keeping businesses as profitable and safe as we...

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Tweet Chat Twitter Bird

We are now more than halfway through the year, and what a crazy half it has been, both in terms of the global pandemic but also when you consider the volatile climate that the cybersecurity industry finds itself in. We wanted to find out what trends had been seen, how organisations should go about ensuring security is being kept as a priority, the impact Covid-19 will have and the importance of having a strong security...

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Tweet chat

In our first-ever IT Security Guru Tweet Chat, we were joined by Javvad Malik, Dr. Jessica Barker, Mo Amin, Ed Tucker and Lisa Forte as they debated the human factor in security. These leading figures from within the cybersecurity community, whom have a wealth of experience and are best placed to talk about the importance of the human element, are deeply passionate about this widely discussed topic. Too much technology? We began with a question...

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