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Password Security

What if I told you that 1.5% of publicly leaked passwords were still being used to sign in to Microsoft accounts? It doesn’t sound like much, but it actually equates to 44 million users still using leaked passwords for their Microsoft accounts. This is what the Microsoft research team found when it performed a scan of its user and Azure AD accounts versus the three billion publicly leaked credentials for the first quarter of the...

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2020 predictions

2019 has been the year of the data breach with over 10 billion records estimated to have been leaked. The news headlines have been flooded with unfortunate attacks with enterprises on both sides of the Atlantic suffering. Whether it’s ransomware, phishing or endpoint attacks, there’s always something on the horizon waiting for its turn in the spotlight. Yet, with 2020 now on our doorstep, cyber security professionals are concerned with what new threat vectors may...

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Black Friday Gifts

Black Friday is here, and deals are popping up all over the internet. Consumers are browsing for the most generous discounts, their inboxes flooded with promotional emails alerting them of cheap flights to exotic locations available for a fraction of the cost. But while the prospect of acquiring a new smartphone at a slashed price may appealing, the cybersecurity community is all but confident that things will run smoothly for customers, who will be targeted...

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email security

By Rahul Powar, CEO and co-founder, Red Sift Times change, technologies continue to evolve, and yet email remains the easiest avenue of attack for cybercriminals looking to hack into your business Need convincing? Well, in 2018 94% of malware attacks were deployed by email, 78% of cyber espionage incidents used phishing, and 32% of all reported breaches involved phishing (let’s not dwell too much on the possible scale of unreported breaches).  Securing email The truth...

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Onapsis Threat Report Oracle Payday

Onapsis, the leading provider of business application protection have revealed new threat research into a recently discovered vulnerability on Oracle E-Business Suite – Oracle PAYDAY. The attack scenarios exploit two vulnerabilities with CVSS scores of 9.9 out of 10 in Oracle EBS, Oracle’s ERP software installed at up to 21,000 companies. Onapsis discovered and reported the vulnerabilities to Oracle, which issued patches earlier this year. Onapsis estimates that 50% of Oracle EBS customers have not...

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BEC scams

Email is not only one of the most important channels of communication in day-to-day business, but unfortunately also one of the biggest gateways for cyber attacks. According to the safety and network specialists Barracuda Networks, 91% of all attacks start with an email. Gateway solutions such as Barracuda Essentials therefore represent an important first line of defence against the dangers posed by malicious emails. Not only do such solutions reliably recognise spam and phishing emails, they...

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Cybersecurity Robustness

Nominet has today announced the findings of its Cyber Confidence Report, which analysed almost 300 senior security practitioners in the UK and US, and found that CISOs were being put in compromising positions. Seventy-one percent said that their organisation uses the security posture of the organisation as a selling point, despite their lack of confidence in the security stack. When asked how confident they were in an organisation's final choice of security solutions, 34 percent...

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