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Gender diversity in the security industry is improving. According to the latest ISC(2) figures, the percentage of women in cybersecurity is around 24 percent, with an increasing number being appointed in leadership positions. It is widely agreed that one of the most important factors in encouraging more women to enter the industry in the first place — or, indeed to make a career switch over to cybersecurity — is the existence of role models. The...

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Learn to Combat These Three Cybersecurity Monsters This Halloween and Beyond

It’s that time of year again. The air feels a bit crisper; the days are a bit shorter; and children around the world prepare to go trick or treating. Even as an adult, Halloween is probably my favourite holiday. I love seeing and thinking about monsters and things that lurk in the shadows… maybe – just maybe – that’s what drew me to a career in cybersecurity. As we ponder the horrors of the night,...

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Manipulation by Disinformation: How Elections are Swayed

In 2016, we witnessed as the Trump and Brexit campaigns leveraged the help of Cambridge Analytica to spread disinformation and sway voters in their favour. While Cambridge Analytica has since been dissolved, the threat of disinformation is ever-present. In many ways, it is a threat that arguably dates back to ancient times and what we see today is simply its amplification on a global scale. We invited a number of special guests to compare and...

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Waving Goodbye to Enterprise Passwords

Hitachi Europe limited and My1Login have announced a Technology Partnership to deliver enhanced security solutions to address one of the cybersecurity industry’s most compelling challenges – passwords. The combined solution optimises security and convenience whilst enabling a significant ROI as a result of a number productivity and efficiency benefits. The two companies will deliver solutions utilising Hitachi’s VeinID Five product together with My1Login’s Identity and Access Management software to eliminate the need for passwords in...

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As workplaces are becoming more remote, with almost half of the workforce working from home, and an introduction of bring your own device policies in many organisations, endpoints have become more distributed and cyberattacks even more prevalent. Remote workforces are creating more vulnerabilities for endpoints as they are no longer located in secure networks, making endpoints an increasingly critical vector for advance threats in dire need of protection. Secureonix has recently announced an integration with...

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Ava Security Webinar Panel discussion promo

Our editor, Tony Morbin, sits down with an experienced panel of cybersecurity professionals to discuss how to stay ahead of cybercriminals Often, employees get a bad rep when it comes to cybersecurity as they are often branded as the "weakest link in the cyber chain". However, Ran Puchag, Chief Product and Development Officer firmly believes that employees can actually contribute to a better security posture overall, and he is not alone! Throughout this panel discussion,...

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Losing the will to Zoom infographic

A little over 7 months ago barely any of us had heard of Zoom, but since the pandemic, its users have jumped from 10 million to 300 million at its peak. Yet with Zoom calls becoming part of our everyday workplace routine, you may be surprised at the habits that many Brits have adopted. A survey of 1000 people working from home due to COVID-19 and commissioned by Eskenzi PR, a global tech PR agency,...

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Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards 2020 Winners Announced

The fifth annual Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards winners were revealed last night during a socially distanced virtual awards ceremony. The awards celebrate the people, not products, of the cybersecurity industry. From the best ethical hackers and cybersecurity’s rising stars to the best security awareness campaign and the coveted Godparent of Security, the categories recognise individuals and teams working hard to protect Britain from cybercrime while raising awareness of security issues.        The free event was a chance for the UK cybersecurity industry to come together, catch up with familiar faces and...

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Women in cyber – diverse talents and the barriers to acceptance

Three women at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, exemplify some of the various opportunities for women in cyber, with diverse backgrounds, skillsets and routes into the sector ranging from programmer to comms, or transitioning from social science to threat intel. Using their own experiences of progressing in a male-dominated sector, they explain their role, the challenges and consider what changes could redress the underrepresentation of women in cyber. Mivy James, Head of Consulting at BAE Systems...

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Security lock and chain on gate

By Trevor J Morgan, product manager at comforte AG The cloud is an incredibly useful tool for businesses and enterprises that process huge amounts of information. Over recent years, cloud adoption has increased substantially. Indeed, the public cloud service market is expected to reach $623.3 billion by 2023 worldwide as more businesses look to expand operations but lack the tools or resources to deploy inhouse cloud operations. This is especially true for enterprises that process...

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