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Cybersecurity has never been a low-stress field. The industry attracts dedicated, highly-skilled perfectionists who are all too willing to shoulder the burden of a company’s cybersecurity without complaint. Yet, increased threats of ransomware and cyberattacks are creating an anxiety filled workplace. The current technological skills gap means there is frequently too much work for too few people. Stress, working overtime, missing holidays and birthdays, it’s all too often considered ‘part of the job.’ 9 in...

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Specops Secure Service Desk Product Review

Supplier: Specops Software Website: Price: Based on volume Scores Performance 5/5 Features 5/5 Value for Money 4/5 Ease of Use 4.5/5 Overall 5/5   Verdict Tight integration with Windows AD and support for a wide choice of identity services allows Secure Service Desk to verify that password reset requests are from bona fide users. Active Directory (AD) password reset requests are one of the most common issues service desks have to deal with but...

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Authlogics announces enhancements to its Password Security Management Product

Authlogics has announced the latest enhancements to its dynamic Password Security Management (PSM) product. The new features will help enterprises ‘level up’ their password policies in order to ensure heightened security. Instead of traditional costly policies which encourage users to change their passwords at regular intervals, PSM will bridge the gap between a fixed expiry date and the NIST guidance to never expire by allowing for a sliding scale. Simply put, the longer a password is,...

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Supplier: Edgescan Website: Price: Based on assets Scores Performance 5/5 Features 5/5 Value for Money 4/5 Ease of Use 5/5 Overall 5/5 Verdict: Fullstack vulnerability management made easy - Edgescan does all the hard work so you don’t have to The pandemic has undoubtedly led to a massive surge in cyber-attacks but even as restrictions start to ease, businesses can’t afford to relax as these threats will keep evolving and continue long into the...

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PerimeterX Code Defender Product Review

  Supplier: PerimeterX Website: Price: Based on web site traffic Scores Performance 5/5 Features 5/5 Value for Money 4.5/5 Ease of Use 5/5 Overall 5/5   Verdict What’s on your web site? PerimeterX Code Defender takes the worry out of e-commerce with a simple yet highly effective client-side script analysis and risk mitigation solution. Cybercriminals always prey on our fears in times of crisis and you can rest assured they won’t be cutting your...

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Supplier: Qualys Website: Price: Based on size of organisation Scores Performance 5/5 Features 5/5 Value for Money 4/5 Ease of Use 4/5 Overall 5/5 Verdict Qualys VMDR is a smart modular security solution that delivers joined-up vulnerability assessment, management and remediation services with full visibility of global assets. As cyber-attacks get ever more sophisticated and deadly, businesses need to stay one step ahead of the criminals as their very survival could be on the...

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Anomali Logo

Review by: Dave Mitchell Supplier: Anomali Website: Price: Based on size of organisation Scores: Performance 5/5 Features 5/5 Value for Money 4.5/5 Ease of Use 4/5 Overall 5/5 Verdict: Anomali weaponizes your cyber security teams by providing all the intelligence they need to detect, assess and mitigate threats. Enterprises that rely on reactive responses to cyber threats are asking for trouble. Ever increasing numbers of businesses are only discovering data breaches often months after...

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The NSA recently issued an advisory to enterprises that adopt 'break and inspect' technologies to gain visibility over encrypted traffic, warning them of the potential risks of such an approach. In fact, decrypting and re-encrypting traffic through a proxy device, a firewall, intrusion detection or prevention systems (IDS/IPS) that that doesn't properly validate transport layer security (TLS) certificates, for instance, will weaken the end-to-end protection provided by the TLS encryption to the end-users, drastically increasing...

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