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Orange Acquires SecureData To Increase Its International Reach And Expertise In Cybersecurity.

Orange announces the acquisition of 100% of SecureData Group, and its consulting subsidiary SensePost. SecureData is the largest independent cybersecurity service provider in the UK, the largest market in Europe. This acquisition is yet another step toward establishing Orange’s position as a leading player in the European cybersecurity market. Orange has announced today the acquisition of SecureData Group for an undisclosed amount. The UK-based company, SecureData, is the largest independent cybersecurity service provider in the...

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Royal Air Force Selects SecureCloud+ For Team Tempest Network Collaboration Services.

Reading & Farnborough 4 February 2019. SecureCloud+, a trusted provider of next-generation secure information systems to government and defence, has been contracted by the Royal Air Force to deliver network collaboration services for Team Tempest. Team Tempest is a global network of international partners formed by the Royal Air Force Rapid Capability Office (RCO) along with BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, MBDA and Leonardo. SecureCloud+ is the only SME to be part of the team, which...

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Threat Spotlight: IoT Application Vulnerabilities Leave IOT Devices Open To Attack.

IoT devices were popular gifts again this holiday season. An acronym for Internet of Things, IoT is more than a buzzword. The trend represents a huge shift in how products are made and used, as network connectivity is added to products that were not previously intended to have this functionality. So, your refrigerator that sends you a text message when you're out of milk: IoT. Your thermostat that provides usage graphs on your phone: yep,...

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Plexal Bolsters Global Cybersecurity Hub With Two International Partnerships.

Innovation centre Plexal, which delivers LORCA, the government-backed cybersecurity programme, today announces partnerships with the Global Cyber Alliance, City of New York, and the New York Economic Development Corporation. The partnerships are designed to help cybersecurity companies scale internationally while also expanding Plexal’s role as a major global cybersecurity cluster. Plexal is announcing that the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) has become a supporting partner, meaning that Plexal members and members of the LORCA cohort will...

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SolutionsPT To Host Cryptomining Webinar For OT Professionals.

Industrial IT software provider SolutionsPT will host a free webinar exploring the evolving cyber security threat posed by Cryptomining infections and how they can be prevented, on Thursday, February 21st. Designed for Operational Technology (OT) professionals, the Introduction to Cryptomining webinar will examine the specific threat Cryptomining poses to OT environments and discuss the solutions that will enable organisations to guard against it. Cryptomining is a malware threat that affects Industrial Control Systems (ICS), enabling...

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Written by Bernard Parsons, CEO, Becrypt Becrypt has been in the disk encryption business for more than 15 years and have carried out extensive work with governments and large enterprises. Today, a lot of what we're doing is working with small businesses, typically organisations that are looking at adding encryption for the first time, driven by regulation such as GDPR, and those that require encryption as part of the privacy enforcing mechanisms. Based on the...

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Politicised Cyber-Attacks, Mobile Roaming And Software Security: Brexit Predictions From Tech Leaders.

Following events in Westminster yesterday, senior leaders from global businesses NETSCOUT, BICS and Sonatype share their thoughts on how Brexit will impact technology, from cyber-attacks and software security challenges, to the return of mobile roaming fees. Could Roaming Return? “Following the rejection of the Government’s Brexit bill, and in the event of a ‘no deal’ in March, mobile tariffs in the UK would no longer be regulated by the government, and could leave operators free...

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“Most Of The World’s Airports And Leading Destinations Remain Vulnerable To Criminal Or Rogue Mayhem”.

Virtually every one of the world’s commercial airports and leading destinations currently remain vulnerable to criminal abuse or ‘rogue’ operation of drone technology notwithstanding the shock wake-up call from the chaos at Gatwick Airport last month before Christmas and more recently at Heathrow, as well as last week’s exploding drone incident in Yemen. This warning, from Robert Garbett, founder and Chief Executive of Drone Major Group, the world’s leading global drone and counter drone consultancy,...

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Limitless Opportunities For Biometric Innovation: UK Consumers Call For Biometric Smart Cards Beyond Payments.

With biometric technology entering its golden era, research by IDEX Biometrics has revealed that UK consumers are calling for biometric smart cards to extend beyond payments. In fact, 38% of UK consumers would like to see biometric methods of authentication introduced to wider Government identification such as driving licences, NI numbers and passports. The payment sector is already proving to be a pioneer of biometric fingerprint-enabled smart cards to replace the well-publicised insecure PIN, that...

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Radware Report Shows Average Cost Of Cyberattack Now Exceeds $1.6 Million.

Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions, today announced it has released its 2018-2019 Global Application and Network Security Report, in which survey respondents estimate the average cost of a cyberattack has climbed to $1.1M. For those organisations that calculate (versus estimate) the cost of an attack, that number increases to $1.67M. The top impact of cyberattacks, as reported by respondents, is operational/productivity loss (54%), followed by negative customer experience...

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